Wednesday, February 28, 2007

a meander

So, after my last post, I must say that today I flew the coop (or shall I say I left the house) by myself. Grammie came and so I went for a meander around the West Village. I stopped in at Camp on Perry and Hable Construction and Milk and Cookies for a latte (oh boy did I want some cookies too). I have a real obsession with cookies. It wasn't always this way but, it is now and that's all there is to it. I could do without the milk though. I've never liked milk on it's own. As for Camp on Perry, it was written up in Blueprint Magazine and I was curious. At Hable Construction, I had a kind of freak out moment where I saw things similar to things I've made and are making and was like hmm should I try and do consignment at a shop. Anyone have any tips on this?
It was so nice out today and even with some snow on the ground you could tell spring was coming. Usually during this time of day (little M's naptime) I'm photographing, writing this blog and then working on my projects. Alas, it is now too dark out to photograph any of my latest endeavors.

Also, in the news, my little man has progressed in the walking department past 6 steps which he started two and a half weeks ago to around 15-20 steps at a time!

P.S. Those are my feet in D.C. in the summer of 2005.


Amelia Plum said...

Those stores that you went to look really cute. I'm sure NYC has changed in huge ways since I was there last. Regarding selling your stuff consignment, most stores take btw 30 - 40% comission so you'll need to price your stuff accordingly while still making a profit.

I admire your fashion sense while pregnant, the summer I was pregnant with Oona I didn't wear anything but flip flops.

sew nancy said...

well in the summer i was in the 2nd trimester before the real swelling happened:)
i had written pregnant feet and then was like... does that sound like my feet are pregnant?