Thursday, July 29, 2010


These started out as sort of boring ribbon covered headbands from the store. I didn't like the ribbons or the colors so I fancied them up a bit.

The pink one is covered in velvet ric-rac and the other is fabric that I cut into several strips and sewed into thin ribbons. I wrapped them around and tacked them in a few places with glue and then added some trims for a little something to one.

I've had this project on the mind for a while now. S likes to pull her tails out and her hair is a bit wild at times and I'm always playing with it. Sometimes she lets me and sometimes I get 'no play hair' and then when I take the camera out it's time for her to run around and giggle because she knows I want her to be still just for a second.

And.... she loves them. So, I'd say it was totally worth getting gorilla glue on my fingertips for a night.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

apply thine heart

AH!!!!! My lap quilt is finished. I machine quilted by stitching in the ditch on the edges of all the patches and the binding sewn on one side and the then hand stitched to the back.

I talked about it here.

Don't worry I am not stepping on the quilt but, rather just showing off my new shoes and pedicure. Strawberry shortcake is the color. And, the shoes very comfortable. I have needed new black sandals for about forever now (okay at least three years).

The title of the post comes from one of the fabrics in the quilt. The one that shows cross stitch samplers.

Some close-ups of a few of the fabrics:

This will be great to cozy up in come Autumn.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

it's everybody's bear

When I started to knit this big bear I thought of gifting it to my daughter come Christmas time but the children saw it in progress and the present idea was lost. When M found out it was a bear he wanted it
S at first thought it was a baby....I said 'maybe it's Mommy's bear' and that is when M decided it's everybody's bear. So far the sharing is going very well.

I first saw the Bobbi Bear on the Purl Bee's website and immediately knew I wanted to make one. When I was little my Grandpa (who died when I was four) won me a giant white teddy bear on the boardwalk. It was so soft and had a big blue satin ribbon. I'm not sure what became of it. It was actually much bigger then this one (which is about 2 feet tall) and I loved it.

Though the children each have a Vermont Teddy Bear I wanted to make one for them a bit bigger.
I took my cues from Jen over at the Purl Bee and used the same Spud and Chloe yarn in Sequoia with Flannel for the eyes and nose. This yarn is very soft and nice and machine washable and the bear has been getting a lot of hugs which are what bears are for, right?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ever since I was a pre-teen I have enjoyed thrifting, vintage clothing shops and antiques though I rarely get the opportunity to go and do these types of activities anymore I have hope for the future.
I would also like to go to an auction someday. Have you been to one?
That said, i recently went to a wonderful church sale in our town that happens every year. There are three that I know of but, this one is my favorite. I went twice and still only saw maybe 5% of what was there. It's enormous and amazing.

I spent under $35 and came away with a straw suitcase, 2 sweaters, 2 lidded candy jars that could be either for candy or small terrariums (the most excellent glass piece was snapped up by some guy who when I suggested a terrarium was happy to tell me that was exactly his plan), 2 small vintage handbags, gold double picture frame, a cream and sugar set, blue china plate and a record for my little guy.

Pretty great for 5 minutes from my house.
If you want to daydream about Paris Flea markets there is always this: Keys to the Fleas

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

road to china ruby mittens

I'm calling these my Ruby Mittens. Perhaps I need some slippers to join them.
It was my first time making bobbles. I quite like them.
The yarn is a combination of baby alpaca, cashmere, camel and silk. Luxurious. Dreaming of the outfits and colors I will wear to pair them with perhaps a coal gray wool skirt and creamy white top. Chocolate brown would be quite nice too.

Pattern- Emerald Fingerless Mittens by Lucy Sweetland.

Here I'm holding a photo of my maternal grandmother at the namesake. I never met her but I've always felt a deep connection.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

garden talk

Sweet-peas about to bloom. CAN NOT WAIT.

Hostas, Echinacea (Knee Highs) Phlox Purple & Pale Purple almost White, Tomatoes (green zebra, san marzano, red brandywine, beefmaster, mortgage lifter, big boy growing, growing and french breakfast radishes, beets (I hope you make it as the root vegetables seems to struggle in the boxes) many varieties of lettuce (summer savory, radicchio, romaine, red oakleaf , butterhead - though my favorite arugula is done. Geraniums and basil (italian and thai) cilantro, oregano, sage, mint,chocolate mint, rosemary, parsley, chives, chamomile, lemon balm, catnip and marigolds. Pole Beans, Costata Romanesco Zucchini (which I like to sing in a funny Italian accent and wind up sounding like a loon). Cosmos and Nasturtium which are stubborn to bloom as is the hydrangea (wah!) roses (still a few) and neon pink. Jalapenos (soon I hope) Rainbow Chard and Red Chard, Lilies, A gorgeous Dahlia (my husband called it a weed - ha!) Black Eyed Susans, Clematis, Lavender (past bloom) Pansies ( a few still managed to survive the heat wave) lobelia, dianthus, vanilla spoon ( a white flower that I can't remember it's proper name), some peach flowers whose name escapes me - delicate and pretty, grapes, peaches, apples ( few out there on the tree), cherries (four), raspberries, rhubarb, currants and gooseberries, cantaloupe & blackberries ripening now.

I'm sure I forget many but, I think this gives you a good idea. A garden evolving each year a little different.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

far far away dress

I wish I had takes some photos of my booth yesterday. It looked really sweet and I picked just the right amount of inventory for the space I had which was nice and it had a good cohesiveness to it.
Sales were a bit slow with only a few which was the case with most vendors. I felt bad for my tent mates who didn't sell at all.
However, I did meet some really nice people and only worked it for a few hours which was pretty sweet.

In the midst of prepping my items the past few days which was mostly tagging, pricing and staging I managed to make a new sundress for S.
I know, I know I'm addicted to making clothes for my daughter.

Today I snapped these photos of her running around in my parents yard where we celebrated my Dad's birthday.
This style of dress is so carefree and fun. The pattern instructions are from Weekend Sewing and the fabric is from her Far Far Away line.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

relief applique

I am working on the relief applique pillow from Alabama Studio Style and am really enjoying this style of applique.
It's such a nice and different project that I am finding quite suitable for summer and those in between moments when I get to sit and hand stitch.

I wanted to mention that I will be doing a shared table at the Maplewood Arts and Music Festival this Saturday and plan to help out at the table in the later afternoon if you would like to stop by. I will mostly have children's items with me this time around.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

heather ross pant dress

A pant dress/ romper for Scarlet in Heather Ross fabric from the West Hill Collection.
There is a matching kerchief as well.
It's Simplicity 7608 - a vintage pattern I picked up. It's as sweet on as I thought it would be.
And, it's pink!

Any machine sewing I get done is nothing short of a miracle. It's so hot in the attic even with the AC on.
I have wool projects to show. Can anyone stand to look at wool right now?

Friday, July 2, 2010

sparkle and sunshine

A little playing with sequins this afternoon and maybe a bit of applique too.
To my US friends a Happy 4th of July and to everyone a dreamy weekend full of sparkles and sunshine under the summer skies.