Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Liesl in Green

I mentioned after I knit my first Liesl that I would be knitting it again for Fall in the same color/yarn as Ysolda's.

This shade is not typical for me. I tend to ere towards red, black, gray, blue & brown sometimes other shades (plum, berry, forest green, cream) but, mostly dark shades. This said, I was a little unsure at first how I would feel about this green and I am happy to say I really love it. I think it suits me well and will look nice with blue and brown. Ha!

This was not difficult to knit but, that said it's not like there wasn't any pain at all. In fact there was a very frustrating moment in which I couldn't get the lace pattern to work up correctly on the right sleeve. After about an hour and a half of agony, I decided to turn to Ravelry (meganimal) and found my answer. Okay, so I wasn't the only one. I find that when I run into problems on my projects it's not necessarily me. Hello errata! and thankfully lots of errors get noticed and then written up about later. I don't think this one is mentioned though.

So, I'm a bit in love with my new sweater. And, so I took it to a nice location - one of my favorite historical homes in town, The Durand/Hedden House. A bit about Asher Brown Durand.

I decided to be brave and post a photo of my face though I was tempted to show another 'headless horseman' shot because I always look so tired.

Friday, September 25, 2009

plaid built by me dress

Here is Built By Wendy 3835.
I left off the ties at the sleeves. They were not for me. Of course I had to go through the trouble of doing one even though in the back of my mind I knew I wasn't going to like them. Instead I made seam binding from them. Much better.
I also didn't want it too mini so the hem at the bottom is narrow. There are two shaping darts in back and a 20" lapped zipper on the back. The fit is pretty good.

I am very happy with my fabric choice. It's from Cia's Palette bought a while back with a Fall dress in mind.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the secret garden

I love when the black eyed susans and echinacea drop their petals and just the black middles are left.
I love all the tiny queen anne's lace(?) that pops out to compliment this. I love the fuschia cosmos, the still blooming zinnia and of course the dahlias and so much more.

My back garden is not quite enchanting like the one in the story but still it has it's beauty even with the weeds (ahem)...

I like to bring flowers in and place them in old glass jars.

Did I mention that Autumn is my favorite of all the seasons? Happy Fall everyone.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

little red dress

The perfect Little Red dress.

The embroidery pattern is from Sugar City's quarterly. I couldn't get the transfer marks to stick to the corduroy so I did it by sight.
The Little Red dress was cut and sitting to be sewn up since last Winter I think and then I finally put it together a few months ago and sat and stitched the embroidery the past few weeks.

It was worth the wait. Now where I am going to stitch the wolf...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

felted bowls, acorns

I've been doing quite a lot of knitting and felting bowls for the shop.
I plan to bring some to Mackey Blue pretty soon.
Right now that periwinkle blue is my favorite. It reminds me of the Septeber/October sky. That perfect blue...

Also needle felted some acorns.

I love Autumn!

Monday, September 14, 2009

back to school

M went back to preschool this morning.
I think he was pretty excited.
He got to wear his new clothes and sneakers
and his new backpack I made for him on Friday night.
That would be a patch on the pocket with trucks. Oh, how he loves trucks.

Okay, so of course, when he got to school he wanted to switch back to his old bag but, I am not worried.
I think he just needs time. After all he did ask to wear his new pajamas the past 2 nights.

This little boy is one brave one. He suffered a yucky cut to his head after falling last Wednesday while doing his 'crazy' dance and smashing it on the side of the television cabinet. He has 4 staples in his head which will come out tomorrow. Poor little M. I have to say he didn't seem phased by it although I was a bit traumatized.

P.S. Tuesday update: He asked to use the backpack this morning

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

wooly green jumper

A new warm dress for layering over tees and tights that I knit up this past weekend.
The wool softened nicely after a steam. It's from a vendor from Maine and it was purchased at NYS Sheep and Wool a few years ago.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ishbel 2

I decided to knit a shawl for a Christmas present.
I've knit it once before.
The pattern is from Ysolda and I like it very much. She has a new shawl called Damson that I'd like to make sometime.
The yarn is an Alpaca/Merino from Old Maiden Aunt and the colourway is called Espresso.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

seeing double

My sister in law (Hi L) told me this would happen.

These two want to do everything together. They take drinks from their cups at the same time, for the same length of time and with their heads tilted back cups thrown in the air.
They yell together, jump together, run around the house like maniacs together. They mimic each other all day long. And while this is cute and all and we waited for them to become best friends you know it can also be a bit well... let's just say a bit crazy too.

Here they model the Bedtime Story Pajamas from Oliver and S with a twist.
A twist?
I am pretty sure I screwed up these pajamas at the neckline as they are loose there. I kind of knew I was doing this but sort of fudged my way through the directions. Oops. They are still wearable. This is an easy pattern so I'll blame my over tiredness these days. Okay, I will have to do these again and work through it right.

Oh, and the boy refused to wear them to sleep last night. Can you believe that? After all my hard work. Doesn't he know this is incredibly soft homespun cotton tartan? I mean these are cool even if they don't have trucks or whatever on them. Won't you please tell him how cute he looks in them? Maybe you can convince him.....

Yes, I changed the photos. I thought these were funnier