Sunday, May 10, 2009


my new scarf. never mind that it is spring. this is perfect with a little breeze or in the evening.
finished yesterday morning in the quiet of my moss green chair in the bedroom while kids played with their dada.
a chance to breathe.

this morning after crepes and a sip of coffee i went up to the attic to retrieve it after being blocked and pinned out all night and put it on and fell in love.
it is so soft and the lace pattern so pretty and delicate. i love the little points that fan out like a web.
i almost want to curl up with it everyday.

I changed the photos after anonymous pointed out that a few of the others showed the reverse. Hopefully I can rephotograph it soon


Amelia Plum said...

this scarf is beautiful, sort of like a fancy spiderweb feeling with the points to it and I like the blue color too.

Anonymous said...

did u deliberately shoot it on the reverse side? it's hard to see the lace pattern on that side...