Friday, May 22, 2009

garage sale scores

We are in garage sale season once again. Last weekend I picked up this vintage red suitcase. I had been keeping an eye out for one for a while to store some fabric scraps. It was $4 so a good deal and no smell and lined. Also, there was this hand tied quilt for $10. There are some stains. I've gotten them out for the most part ( a few discolorations left) and I think after a few more washings they will be gone. Cross fingers. I don't think this one is too old but maybe a little old...

In other quilt news, I am very close to finishing the picnic quilt. I'm halfway done hand sewing the binding in place. I'm actually really loving this slow activity right now. It will surely be finished for Memorial Day so there will be a picnic this weekend and photos next week. I'm very excited about quilts right now and have started a list of ones I want to make. I'm thinking about sewing some clothes for me sometime soon as well.

Our peonies are blooming. I love peonies so very much.
Next up are the irises...

Hope you all have a beautiful springtime weekend. There will be the ocean air and sand this weekend at some point for us.

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Amelia Plum said...

I love peonies too but they're so darn delicate. They last for a few days then it's petals all over the place. My peonies in the backyard haven't opened yet.