Saturday, November 29, 2008

dollhouse walls

I've always loved dollhouses and when I saw in the Fall issue of Small magazine a dollhouse that was just walls I knew I could try to make something similar but with an antique look to it.

I decided to use books and looked for old books that had interesting inside covers. I found many at Mackey Blue so I will be constructing one for the boy as well with images of motorcycles and maps. This one here is not really finished because I am still working on figuring out which glue to use so the inside spine does not show but, I was so smitten with my idea I didn't want to wait for show and tell.

So basically, all you do is find old books with interesting papers on the inside ( or you could use the outside of a hardcover as well if you fancy the look of it) and this is the hard part make sure you don't feel any deep love or interest for the books because you will be ripping them apart. Tear 2 or 3 pages at a time until you have ripped out all the pages in the whole book (don't worry the initial shock and guilt will leave you after the first 5 or so tears) and then figure how many walls you want. I used 2 books for a total of 4 walls for these. Then glue ( or not) the inside covers together against the spine leaving them in a bent position and line them against the next book.

Add some dollhouse furniture, people, a miniature tea set, some art for the walls ...voila!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

vintage crochet

I suppose my old baby clothes could be classified as vintage:)

I've put together another sampling of crocheted items from the closet of Ms. S that once belonged to her Mama. Here are two skirts, four hats and a pair of mittens.

I'm convinced that my Nana must have devoted several years to making clothes for me. I wish I could tell her how much I appreciate them and how now my daughter is wearing them and will continue to do so for several years.

My Nana (that's what we called my Grandma) apparently never worked from patterns either which is amazing. I'm told she couldn't understand them.

Monday, November 24, 2008

inventory weekend

good morning
how was your weekend?

ours was up and down but, mostly up. friday night i did a little knitting and watched a movie - the first time i have sat down all year to watch one! it only took 11 months-ha! we watched 'lars and the real girl' which i thought was a really cute movie. saturday, we went to lunch with the kids and i worked on some inventory and then we were off to hoboken to drop some items at mackey blue and visit my coffee girls. sunday, the boys did yard work and i worked on some inventory for perch home with a quick outing for some drinking chocolate. there also was a touch of sickness and teething unfortunately but, all seems well today so far.

i had intended a little sewing on a dress but got sidetracked to inventory and completed 3 smocks, onesies & some button bobbies which is always something one needs to keep up with so i'm happy with the result. oh, and i also got a little more work done on that little gift i'm making for the baby which involves flannel, felt and embroidery.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


These dollies are now all sewn up which is good because not much crafting is getting done this week. The kids are sick, I am sick and well I'm about 200 yards into knitting a new sweater (I'll show you soon) and have some intentions to embroider tonight but we will see how long I last before I pass out. Every time I go up to the craft room I sort of start a bunch of things and feel like I'm spinning with all my ideas and not enough focus to actually do it. Then there is the mix of making to sell and making for myself confusing me all the time. I did however trace and cut out a pattern for a new dress for Ms. S. Somehow, making clothes for my little girl is one of the most satisfying things. I like the process from beginning to end-the piecing, the ironing, the sewing, the final reward. But, it will have to wait because the couch is calling my name right now and a little sweet something else I'm planning to make for her.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

housekeeping and cupcakes

For those of you reading the blog through bloglines go on and check out my new header and let me know what you think. I got the cards from one of my most favorite shops- Parcel in Montclair, NJ. The owner of the store is a Nancy too. The store is too amazing for words.

What else? I updated the garage sale image and started a Twitter account partially because now I can say I am tweeting on Twitter. I thought it would be fun for all those random tidbits I'd like to share but maybe don't warrant a blog post.

Here are two cupcakes. One for me and one for you (actually I already ate one so both of these are for you) for reading and commenting and generally cheering me on. Thank you!

Monday, November 17, 2008


The boy is three.
We had a party for him yesterday and it was a blast.
There was a robot. There was a rocket which turned into a balloon/bubble machine.
There was helpers to open presents.
There were fake moustaches for all the boys to wear
There was food and of course cake -chocolate with blueberry cream cheese frosting and blue sprinkles and spice drops & cupcakes -yellow cake with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles.
There was music & screeching and running and jumping.
Goodbye 2. Hello 3.

The birthday wishes are from his classmates. I went last week and brought apple muffins and read the kids a story. I love the boy who wants to give him all his cars. How sweet is that.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

for your purse

I haven't had much time or energy for big project sewing lately which makes me a bit crazy but, it is what it is.
I had the itch to do something and these were very well received gifts last year so I thought I'd make another batch.
They are tissue holders for your purse. I suppose they could also hold business cards or credit cards if you wish.
I think I'm going to send these off to Mackey Blue soon.
They sew up super quick and easy and sometimes that's what we need, right?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Toast Wristwarmers

I knit these over the past few days. I was looking for a quick satisfying knit for myself. Often, I make smaller wrist warmers with buttons but was looking for something longer that would work as sleeves. I had been wanting to try the mohair ones in One Skein for years but wasn't sure how I would feel about the mohair.

I used Malabrigo yarn for these and they turned out very soft and lovely.

I based them on this pattern and used size 9 double pointed needles.

Oh, by the way, I did learn magic loop following the Knit Witch's tutorial on You Tube but, I wanted the double points for this project because sometimes I like them and we can get along and be friends.

Yes, I changed the photo.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

birthday quilt

Here is the lap quilt for my birthday boy who will be 3 on Sunday.

I'm so glad I started this early enough as you see I've finished with just a few more days to go. The hand-sewing of the binding took forever (okay 8 days) but I worked on other things too and of course life and kids and such.

I'd like to sew him a robot (since he is having a robot party) to go with Spaceboy but, we will see how the week plays out.

It feels so good to have accomplished this and I really love how it came out although I wouldn't say it was perfect. It's my first quilt and, it was my resolution to make a quilt in 2008. So, I can check that off the list.
I can assure you it will not be my last quilt either.

I hope my little boy loves it as much as I do and that it keeps him warm and cozy for years to come. He is all into making nests to stay warm and cozy.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

november artist series

This month I am the featured artist at Perch Home

I spent part of last week readying items for the store. I hope to take some photos of them displayed there soon.

Here is some of what I brought but there was quite a bit more including hand knits for women and babies, felted handbags and bowls, jewelry, home decor, smocks, onesies etc.

Also, I have been busy putting the finishing touches on Little M's quilt this week and working a little on my hand knit inventory and turning some of the aforementioned buttons into bobbies. I did some felting this past weekend as well. A new clutch and some bowls.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

button jar

Halloween was so much fun this year. The kids were bears. Little M was set on being a Polar Bear (he decided months ago) and Ms. S was a little brown bear. Little M really got Halloween this year and loved the kids with scary masks and trick or treating which I think is much more fun in the suburbs going from house to house.

We also took a drive to my parents yesterday and us girls had a tea party. My relatives own a antique/tea house in Avon, NJ and this is our second three generation tea party we have had. It's so much fun. The boys had some time at the beach.

I also managed a quick trip to an antique store in Pt. Pleasant and I was on a mission for buttons (not that I didn't want to stay and look for a bunch of other items on my list and poke around but my time was limited) and so I found my jar and a couple of rhinestones ones and some with the initial 'S' which is just perfect for you know who. Above is some of the loot.

And, I'm not the only one around here with a love of buttons. That's my boys arm there behind the jar.

Did you all have a nice Halloween? Are you all thrown by the time difference? It's hard to deal with the dark so early and then the babies/kids get all confused.