Friday, February 26, 2010

nani IRO curtain

The prints of nani IRO by Naomi Ito are always so unique and beautiful. I don't really know what to compare them too. If you are a lover of textiles it is really hard not to fall for these designs.

When in possession of such beautiful fabrics many seamstresses tend to hold onto it dreaming of all the possibilities one could make with them. I tend to choose garments most often and when I have enough yardage.

This print (Fuccra Rakuen) with it's blossoms and birds is so pretty and I thought would make a rather nice curtain. I had just enough to make 2 panels for this window which is on the stair landing on the way to the second floor. At the moment it's a nice place to stop and marvel at the foot of snow on the ground and, it's still falling.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

parents magazine

One of my baby smocks is featured in the March issue of Parents Magazine.

Thanks to Rene of Sonny Boutique for bringing it along on a photo shoot.

-Photo by Jenny Risher for Parents Magazine.

jane market bag

I wanted a more pretty bag to take to the market so I decided to sew up one of Alicia's Jane Market bags.
I really love how this bag is constructed particularly on the sides and that the optional cardboard is something that you put in after it's sewn up so the bag is washable.

It is lined in a light lavender pindot fabric and feels pretty sturdy though I don't think too many heavy items would work unless you sew it up in home decorator weight. It is quite roomy and has a front pocket which can carry a few essentials.

I'm envisioning this summers farmer market trips carrying this which played a part in my color/pattern choices.

My Mom has already admired this and mentioned Mother's day in the same sentence. I agree this makes a great gift idea.
And, it easily folds up for storage...always a good thing in my book.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

200 circles

A few weeks back I got a bee in my bonnet to make the New Year's Day Garland as featured on the Purl Bee.
This is the first time I've made one with wool felt and the bright colors were a lot of fun to use. I also really enjoyed cutting all the circles (200) as I was sick at the time and it required the right amount of brain power.

It's really long at 11 feet so it can be draped back and forth across a room.

I have enjoyed making garlands for about 5 years now and make all different kinds using various materials- paper, wool and lace trims, cotton, pom poms and thread spools, vintage bits and bobs. Honestly, I don't think I'll ever tire of them. It makes the everyday a little celebration.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

emily capelet

I finished the aforementioned capelet Sunday morning. That would be after eating delicious crepes and sipping cappuccino. And, after my son delivered me a french chocolate bar and beautiful card both with victorian looking illustrations. I'm not sure about the buttons and might switch to some vintage ones. That's the nice thing about buttons. They can easily be swapped out and create very different looks.

And, I've started on the a sweater in a creamy vanilla shade. I'm feeling attracted to tan, green and a certain pinkish red these days. I'm thinking of knitting tights still and a nice pleated skirt. It would be a bit of an undertaking for me so maybe I'll knit it for Ms. S.

-Thinking on how to improve my Etsy shop and maybe splitting off the kids stuff to a different store. Also, thinking of starting a vintage shop (have wanted to do this for some time) and maybe big cartel. Would love to know your thoughts.

Monday, February 15, 2010

strawberry shortcake

We had a garden party for S on Saturday.

I made strawberry shortcake.My Mom made lemon cupcakes with lemon icing. I decorated them with butterflies.
There was a ladybug, a bumblebee, some birds and mushrooms in attendance. There were tissue paper pom poms and yummy middle eastern food and pastas.

She opened all of her gifts herself and kept looking around to see if there were more.

All the kids got seeds in a plantable container and a ladybug chocolate.

She wore a vintage white eyelet dress from France with ribbons, pink tights and ballet shoes and a little bird in her hair.

Friday, February 12, 2010

puppet show dress

Sometime early in January I had taken some of my fabrics down to pre-wash. Scarlet saw this fabric, took it from me and hugged it. So, planning on making her a puppet show tunic or dress I decided I would use this fabric since it was love at first sight.
I decided to go with the dress length and it turned out really nice. It will be wonderful this spring and summer.

I used 'candy buttons' all down the back and little pink ones at the sleeves. The candy buttons I've been hoarding for a while and are from Superbuzzy.

I also made another pair of the puppet shorts in red and plan to make a few more as well a tunic to match them. The first pair of shorts I made last year to be worn this summer.

I've said before how much I like Liesl's patterns and I continue to stand by them. They are creative and fun to make. Recently, she posted a discussion on using prints like these (juvenile prints) and when they work. She included one of my dresses in this discussion which was nice to see.

-Another little girl pattern catching my eye is here. I think a top in a nice summer print for View B would look really sweet. Perhaps a gingham.

Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

winter wonderland

The view from my back and front windows yesterday. We've had a lot of snow this winter but, this one has been the biggest snowfall of the year. 15 inches.

It's hard to believe that in 4 months that berry bramble will be loaded with currants, gooseberries, blueberries etc.

Those polka dots in the last photo are snowflakes falling.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

pretty little roses

The tutorial for these is over on the Purl Bee. I made them last week.
If you have been reading here for a while you know how much I like making hair accessories.
At least one of these will part of Ms. S.'s Valentine's Day present
I think you can guess which one.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Dear Scarlet,

Yesterday, you turned 2.
Sadly, you were sick (as we all are) but, we made the best of it.
I let you wear your fairy costume because you love it so much and you needed cheering up.
You had two of your favorites for dinner - pizza and rice.
I made you a vanilla cake with pink frosting because I knew you would be excited that it was pink.
And, cuddled you and gave you hugs and kisses.
I love you. Get well soon. And, tell your brother to stop bringing home germs from school. Okay. Okay.



Friday, February 5, 2010


I've started a new knitting project. It's another Ysolda pattern. I just can't get enough.
This one is called Emily. Isn't the lace and cable on the edge pretty?
I really like the pattern too. There is enough going on so you are not bored but, at the same time it is not at all difficult for me either.

I also finished up a hat for my nephew Andrew who is in the marines. He was deployed to Afghanistan in December and I'm happy to send him something that will keep him warm. It will be on it's way once I get myself over to Trader Joe's for some snacks to send along with it. And, for his Mom I made her a tiny owl in the same yarn so she has a little something to watch over him.

In other news, we are all sick again so we had to postpone Scarlet's birthday party for another week. So, we will have a tiny little celebration for her tomorrow. Parties are not fun when you are sick. Also, snow is predicted.

Wishing you a happy weekend.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I made some new dressmaking pins for myself from shrink plastic. I liked the ones Melissa made so I used her ideas for the shapes.
Hillary has a tutorial up for these if you want to give it a try. I used colored pencils and then cut out the shapes stuck the pins through and baked on their sides.

We also made luggage tags, name tags and I made little letters for the kids Valentine's day. I think I got the letter idea from Amy but, am too tired to look it up now. The letters have sayings like:

Matty- You are the peanut butter in my jelly sandwich
Matty- Mo ni no is my favorite word.
Scarlet- Why oh Why is my favorite song
Scarlet- Peents (pink) and Purple are your favorite colors

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

birthday jewelry

A fairy ring wreath I made for Scarlet to wear. I'm not sure she will wear it but, if not now someday.

A few of the bracelets and necklaces that Matty and I made for her birthday. We didn't have an "a" so we substituted with an upside down "v"
We know for sure she will like the kitty cat necklace.

The first necklace I made for her which I also sell in my Etsy shop.

-I'm having a little sale on felted bowls and clutches through tomorrow. 20% off- code- felt. Refund through paypal after payment.