Tuesday, February 16, 2010

emily capelet

I finished the aforementioned capelet Sunday morning. That would be after eating delicious crepes and sipping cappuccino. And, after my son delivered me a french chocolate bar and beautiful card both with victorian looking illustrations. I'm not sure about the buttons and might switch to some vintage ones. That's the nice thing about buttons. They can easily be swapped out and create very different looks.

And, I've started on the a sweater in a creamy vanilla shade. I'm feeling attracted to tan, green and a certain pinkish red these days. I'm thinking of knitting tights still and a nice pleated skirt. It would be a bit of an undertaking for me so maybe I'll knit it for Ms. S.

-Thinking on how to improve my Etsy shop and maybe splitting off the kids stuff to a different store. Also, thinking of starting a vintage shop (have wanted to do this for some time) and maybe big cartel. Would love to know your thoughts.


melissa said...

love your capelet. oh how i wish i could knit like you.

good idea r.e. the vintage store - i've secretly wanted to open one too. you have great taste- can't wait to see what you put in it!

Liz said...

wow! the caplet looks really, really nice! you're a really good knitter! i've always been intrigued by knitted stockings as well - i found a gorgeous pattern somewhere, but i haven't even tried a sock yet!

I can also relate to your shop ideas...i've been toying with a few ideas for separation too...i like the idea of a vintage only - or vintage with only vintage looking handmades...i also like the idea of a separate little-ones shop. and just today i began to re-work a big cartel for my handmades that don't fit into either! I'm glad to hear i'm not the only one that feels the need for that kind of organizing and such! i drive myself batty sometimes!