Thursday, December 18, 2014

leopard print collars in the shop

I just added a few girls leopard print collars that I had made up for the bizarre. They are sewn with soft thick fake fur and cotton. I love these little pieces. I made them a few years ago for my daughter and I. We love them.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

little leg warmers 2

It was time for a new pair of leg warmers as she has been dedicated to the ones I made her a few years back even wearing them to bed on occasion but, they were a little short and worn. These new ones were made with Cascade 220. They were so simple to knit. Next time maybe I'll try them with a pattern and color mixing.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

quilt exhibit

Last week at this time a friend of mine and I went to the Montclair Art Museum to view From Heart to Hand: African-American Quilts from The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. I highly recommend this exhibit if you can make it and not only if you are a quilt maker. I believe anyone can appreciate the work that went into these, the methods applied, the innovative use of material and unique way of looking at pattern and shape. Not all of these quilts are precise or shall I use the term 'perfect' which is something I sometimes struggle with when piecing. Walking away I felt that is not always essential to the quality and adds so much character in some designs. It was also very interesting to see the narrative work of Yvonne Wells.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

a day at the bazaar

My event in town this past Sunday went well with lots of people stopping by and sales higher then any fair I've done before. The event was run really well by Studio B . I am trying to conjure up some better display ideas in a small space. I need to go up, perhaps build something or allow for more clothing racks in the future. My neighbors were great too. One had handmade pajaki egg ornaments and on the other side were the girls from The Able Baker.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

'tis the season

You know that feeling when you are trying to do too much and you don't feel like you are getting much done. That's when it's time to make the list. That's what I am doing tonight.

It is also time to step back and enjoy the sweeter side of the season like this morning when my daughter came to me showing me each ornament she was pulling out of the box and marveling and talking about each one together.

I have a few more days to prepare for the bizarre in town (this Sunday 10-4) and I'm struggling with whether to knit or sew. My instinct says knit, winter is coming. I've been knitting so much lately.

I've begun to really like custom orders. Recently, I did just that and I made this custom keyhole scarf above for a baby girl in California.

So much to show and tell but, I must sign off for now.

Friday, November 28, 2014

strawberry thief 'birthday dress'

A new 'Happy Birthday Dress' that I will have for sale at my upcoming holiday market. I think this would be so special for a 1st birthday or any day really. This print is called 'Strawberry Thief' by Liberty of London which is so apropos with my own little thief in our strawberry patch come Spring.

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and start to the holidays. We took a brisk walk through Central Park this afternoon and avoided the shopping.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

through the looking glass beret

This blue! I am in love. It's called, Through the Looking Glass as in Alice in Wonderland. If I may steer off topic I have wanted my daughter to dress as Alice for the past few years but, she's not buying it.

I used it in this project and I am happy I still have more to use it again. This time I thought it would be so pretty knit up into a beret for s special little lady. Perhaps I will get my own to model it for you. I will have it for sale at the Bizarre Bazaar in Maplewood, NJ on December 7th.

.....I took down the candy cane quilt photo because I just didn't like the picture. I have the worst time photographing quilts. I guess it's the size and trying to figure out how to set up the photo. I have two quilt tops and one finished quilt over the past month.