Tuesday, April 19, 2016

road trip to virginia

 We road tripped to Virginia last Wednesday through Sunday and visited Charlottesville and Williamsburg. The weather was gorgeous! There was lots of history, exploration, beautiful gardens and dining out. We even ran into two families from home we knew!  Of course there is a  ton missing from these photos like the downtown of Charlottesville, the Maplewood cemetery that was across the street from where we were staying!, the winery, Williamsburg and all the craftspeople in Historic Williamsburg.
I think I was so excited to be outdoors so much in Spring that my brain focused mostly on the flowers.

1) Monticello

2) College of William and Mary

3) College of William and Mary

4) Monticello

5) Monticello

6) Monticello

7) Monticello

 8) Monticello

9) Monticello

10) Monticello

11) Monticello

12) Monticello

13) Monticello

14) College of William and Mary

15) Colonial Williamsburg

16) Colonial Williamsburg

17) Colonial Williamsburg

18) Colonial Williamsburg

19) Colonial Williamsburg

popcorn vest

I made my nephew, Cal a bobble vest! The pattern is by Misha and Puff from the Winter Light Collections which also includes a matching popcorn bonnet and bloomers. i may have to make the others in the Fall.

blue bonnet

A cute blue bonnet was knit and put into the shop not too long ago. It will fit ages 1-3 and is made with alpaca.

summer romper in linen

I made a romper for Scarlet in handkerchief linen from Purl Soho a few weeks ago.
I love rompers on kids! So cute!
There is a free tutorial on the Purl Bee website if you would like to try your hand on making one.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

can you dig it?

Wow, it has been a really long time. I almost don't know where to begin and end.
So much has been happening! I think this post we will talk about the play.

Since December my friend Frankie and I have been co-directing a skit with 16 first and second graders for the school play. We met once a week but our texts could fill a novel and the amount of times we met to discuss, plan, and choreograph was quite a lot!
Then came the costumes and props with a budget of $12 per kids. Hello, sheets and tablecloths at the thrift store!
It was a lot of work with it's shares of trials and at times was incredibly fun and other times maybe not so much.

First, came the task of agreeing on an idea. When you take two creative people with lots of ideas it is hard to narrow down. Once we did though we picked out a combination of these four songs.

It starts off with the beginning lyrics of

Do you Love Me

You broke my heart
'Cause I couldn't dance
You didn't even want me around
And now I'm back
To let you know

Then this song..

Let's Dance



Wipe Out- no lyrics

Ending with..

"She Loves You"
Then came the task of choreographing it! Interesting! 
Then the props and costume, pattern making and sewing- 11 dresses, signs, surfboards, guitars, drums, tie altering, jacket buying and altering...

The dresses were made from sheets and tablecloths, muslin, grosgrain ribbon and buttons.

Some cute backstage shots!

S practicing at home before we headed out to 1 of the three performances!

Finally, the video of one of the performances which will be added soon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

poppy and daisy sundress

 Here is a dress I've made before but, was surprised to see just how long ago I did. 2012!
It's a modification of Purl Soho's Tiny Triangle dress based on the simplicity of pillowcase dresses. It is perfect for hot summer days.

I have an incredible weakness/addiction for Liberty Tana Lawn which I suppose is obvious to everyone who reads this blog and it is practically impossible not to sew into it over anything else I have in the cabinet.

The sun had just came out yesterday and we had about two minutes to snap some photos before she had to change into her leotard for ballet class. 

This print is aptly named Poppy and Daisy and I do have two pieces for sale in the pastel version in of this print - a pinafore and bloomers.

Monday, February 29, 2016

The Spinning Purls Society

A few Saturdays ago, I hosted a cocktails and knitting party with the help of Benny who is the founder of the Maplewood Artist Collective.  The idea of this is various people in town are hosts for a night for a vintage inspired knitting party: drink cocktails, get dressed up and knit away. My kind of night!

Here is the invitation I put together for the inaugural evening!

 The group was cozy and we had a really nice time chatting and getting our knit on. We sipped gin drinks- Bee's Knees which was my favorite and The Clover Club. 

And, here are some photos that Benny Campa took of the atmosphere and of us knitting away by the fire.