Monday, April 21, 2014

my birthday

My birthday was on the 19th and we had a great day in NYC. A walk through Central Park, a visit to Ladurée, a nice lunch at Cilantro and a visit to the New York Historical Society to see the Bill Cunningham exhibit and a few others. I thought I would share a few photos from our day here. There was also a surprise Easter egg hunt that we did not plan but, happily stumbled on. The macarons were delicious as were the little red cakes we brought home.

two ice cream sundaes

It was pretty easy to decide to knit another Ice Cream Sundae. It is such a fun knit and was one of my favorite patterns of the past year.

The sweater is designed by Dani Sunshine and it is one of the sweetest little shrug patterns I have found
Why not knit another? Two sundaes isn't going to hurt anyone. Here is the first one. I love a design that can be worn year round and the sizing will work for at least a few years.
I had bought the wool,Cephalopod Yarn, Traveller at Sheep and Wool in Rhinebeck last year and the blue color is called Looking Glass (as in Alice in Wonderland I am guessing). The natural choice for me was to pair it with a creamy white and I found some Fibre Co. Organic Tundra in my basket. The buttons are vintage wood from a company sampler and are two different sizes. I have been making a conscious effort to use supplies I have.
I kept thinking while knitting this if I paired it with red it would be like a Bombpop!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

knitted boot socks #2

I made a second pair of boot socks from the pattern in Made by Hand. The feel of this yarn is more rustic then the red pair and it has tiny flecks and slight color shifts in it.

A few flowers have begun sprouting in the garden. These two were the first ones.

Monday, April 14, 2014

hello kitty top

Sorry for the absence on the blog recently. I had a terrible virus that had me in bed for a week and on top of that a foot injury. The good news is that I am again healthy and Spring is really here! Little things have begun to sprout in the garden and I have lots to catch up on.

I added this sweet Hello Kitty/Liberty of London top to the shop this morning. The fabric came from Japan and was a limited edition which I am told is now sold out. The fabric was stuck in the postal system for so long I thought I would never get it but, after 2 months it arrived and I cut into it to make this top which showcases Hello Kitty tending to her garden in the Spring. It could just be the perfect top for a girl 3-4 years old!

Friday, April 4, 2014

laurel by colette patterns

This is my second dress using Laurel. I chose a slightly different version,one without pockets. The first one was made with a floral print and this time I used a chambray fabric that has an incredible soft hand. The pattern was cut and sewn over 2 days and I wanted to wear it as soon as it was done. I chose to use a shorter zipper then the pattern calls for which I like better. This is moderately simple to sew though getting the details just right takes a bit of patience. I like to hand sew the hem and all the seam bindings to the back. These little details look much nicer hand sewn.

The fabric gets a bit rumpled like a linen when wearing it which I don't mind in a casual dress.

For a bit of fun I'll share some of the music I listened to while sewing this:
The Clean, Stereolab, The Who, White Hassle, Elephant, Frank Sinatra.

Enjoy the weekend!

Monday, March 31, 2014

broken dishes quilt

I had this quilt top done in October and just got around to finishing it last week. It is machine quilted and I used the same linen blend fabric for the binding.

The pattern is from the Purl Bee though I changed it up a bit and made mine larger.
Some more details can be found here.

Sewing the blocks is always the fun part for me and I also like hand sewing the binding to the back at the end. It's the middle stages of quilting I am not overally fond of. Unless, I am handquilting with sashiko stitches and thread because that is my favorite type of hand quilting. Perhaps I would feel differently about machine quilting if I had another sewing machine that handles it better then mine does.

I have so many in the works projects so finishing up something big feels extra nice and is one way to make more space both in my craft room and in my mind.

It's all ready to take a spin in the washing machine to get fluffed up a bit..

It may be Spring on the calendar but I'm still piling the quilts at night.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

liberty of london bloomers

Two new baby bloomers went into my Etsy store recently both size 6 months in Liberty of London prints. Perfect for the upcoming spring and summer and for us folk in my corner of the planet you know you can't wait! This type of garment is wonderful for this stage of development when they are just beginning to get a bit mobile. They are very comfortable as well as beautiful and can be both outerwear and/or covers under dresses.