Thursday, October 27, 2011

dress up crowns

Having made these before for my own children I decided that these would be fun to make for gift giving. I made a couple for birthday parties in September and then decided to make this batch to have on hand. Two are going away over the next week. They can be embellished further with buttons or ribbons and there are a few patterns online if you would like to try to make one. We always have so many invitations to kids parties and I like to try to give at least one thing handmade and something to go along with it like a book or puzzle or toy. They are made of wool felt and the band is quilting cotton with elastic inside to keep it on. I like that they are soft and good for boys and girls.

Monday, October 24, 2011

knitted cowls in the shop

We celebrated Mick's birthday over the weekend with lots of good food, a hay ride at a farm which is where I snapped the field of zinnias and a walk around historic Clinton, NJ.

I've also been doing so much knitting lately that I have a really sore arm and shoulder so I need to take a day or two off.

Here are a few cowls that made their way into the Etsy shop where they will stay for a week or two so if you like them you might want to act fast because they are going to make their way off to Mackey Blue in Hoboken.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

molly ringwald

This is how she got dressed this morning. Pink leggings, pink and white herringbone wool dress, white tee underneath and her new pink cardigan made my me. Very pink and now I will be singing the Psychedelic Furs lyrics all day and hearing the prom conversation in my head. As you can see she already has her date.

Pattern: Langston by Teresa Cole
Yarn: Madeline Tosh Sport
Colorway: Molly Ringwald
Needles: Size 4
Alterations: started knitting a size 2 for the neck and switched to the counts for a size 4
...I ran out of yarn towards the end of the sweater so the button band and arm ruffles are in a darker shade of the same color way.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

cashmere and silk knit necklace

This is the project I alluded to in my last post. It is a kit I purchased at the festival and it was a really enjoyable project.
I learned to add beads to my knitting and working with the cashmere and silk blend was dreamy. it is helpful to have a bowl or tray to work over in case you lose any of the tiny beads and using the super floss ( a type of dental floss) was really great for holding and working with the beads. The kit does come with a dental floss threader for adding the beads and this is fine but mine got a little bent out of shape so I purchased the super floss. I also wished it came with a little bit more of the yarn as mine came out a little short.

Designer: Laura Nelkin
Pattern: Rippled
Color: Riptide
Yarn: Sweet Georgia Yarn. Cash Silk
Beads: Size 8 glass bleeds, glass fringe beads (magatamas)
snap clasp.

Now I want to make another one so much.

Monday, October 17, 2011

rhinebeck goodies

On Saturday we attended the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck. It is a yearly tradition for us and one I always look forward to.

I really didn't take many photos this year which I now regret so I only have photos to share of the goodies I brought home. I had seen a shawl on Ravelry made up in Sanguine Gryphon yarn and knew I wanted to stop there so that was where I headed. On my way I stopped at a booth and picked up some beautiful porcelain buttons by Melissa Jean and a really pretty knitting kit which I started last night and hope to succeed with as it involves beads and yarn which is new to me.

I reached my desination and picked out my yarn after some debate as there was so many pretty hues but, the one i had come for was sold out. I didn't have much trouble picking out a few I liked and as I went to checkout I realized the line was not only out the door but there was at least 100 people ahead of me. In the spirit of it all I waited on line for an hour and half to pay for my yarn. Yes, I did and yes that may be a little crazy but I met some great girls and had some fun conversations. I had no idea this yarn was so popular. I really think it will be great to work with and the hand paints are a work of art.

line out the door

Sanguine Gryphon Yarn
Mithril: The Shepard at the Fold by Moonlight (grey) and Big Bad Wolf (purple) and Skinny Bugga: Tomato Frog (red).

I kind of was in a daze after this so I had to take a moment to eat and recharge. I then went through most of the buildings and saw quite a lot of fiber goodness. There is no way in the 6 hours I was there I even saw everything which is to say there is a lot to see. And, I didn't really spend anytime with the animals which is a bit sad because I really do like to visit the alpacas and the see the angora bunnies. I had wanted to meet Ysolda since she was doing a book signing but unfortunately, missed the times she would be there. Come back next year Ysolda.

The sad part of the day besides leaving was that my little Scarlet wanted so badly to buy a sheep. She didn't want to leave without one and put up a good standoff and had a good cry about it. Too bad we are not allowed sheep in my town. We tried to explain this to her but, she is three so you know.

Oh, and I can not forget this lovely yarn from Tess Designer Yarns. Just look at that label and the name of the yarn: Kitten! Cashmere and silk. Yes, please.

I could barely move yesterday however I managed a nice walk in the sun and some garden work.

Friday, October 14, 2011

reclaimed cashmere tunic dress

This dress started out as in ill fitting sweater that was given to me. It is such a soft and fluffy cashmere but there was no way to make it look good on me. The arm holes were too big and it was too short and overall unflattering so I decided to turn it into a dress for my girl. It was very easy and fun to do and took me about an hour to make one morning this week. I first cut off the sleeves. I measured the width and decided how much to take it in for the sides. I then straight stitched and serged the sides. I decided to make the little tucks at the collar to give it a bit of a design. I left the bottom as is. I then made a small hem at the armholes and collar. And, then added a little pocket on one side perhaps for carrying around a lollipop or other small treasure. I absolutely loved making this and now am excited to try out more designs with cashmere.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

cotton bolero shrug

A shrug knit in organic bumpy cotton started and stopped over time mostly because it is such a simple knit that it is a bit boring. One could knit it with their eyes closed. In fact, I did knit it with my eyes closed a few weeks ago when I had a scratched cornea (my fourth).

What this is: a simple garter stitch rectangle. I casted on 100 stitches on size 8 needles knitted to 24" folded it and then sew up halfway on the sides to leave space for the arms. I used a marbled cotton yarn from Fibre Craft Studio.

I think this would make a fun first, second or third project or one for knitting in the car or when you are too tired or blind to knit anything else.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

alpaca silk mitts

Camp Out Fingerless Mitts in Old Maiden Aunt 80% Alpaca 20% silk in a special limited edition color - Ysolda.

I have had this yarn for so long sitting in the basket. I figure if it is so nice to the touch why not keep it that way and utilize it to keep my hands warm as the cool weather is now approaching.

The green is so beautiful. I imagine holding a a douglas fir branch standing in the snow knee deep with fairy lights twinkling. Yes, I like to romanticize situations in which I wear an item of clothing and then the simple becomes a story.

This is a nice pattern and easily completed over a day or two and the best part I have enough yarn to make something else perhaps a hat or another pair of mitts for someone else. Now to blocking and sewing in those ends I hid so they are all pretty and ready to go.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

october dress

My mind is overflowing with ideas lately and half finished projects seem to be everywhere. All sorts of things are cut out and patterns in the middle of tracing on the floor. It gets a bit crazy because I always think I can do so much more then I can. I am always brought down to earth either by being exhausted or some responsibility. But here is a finished dress I got done for my little muse otherwise known as Ms. S. I really can not stop making her clothes but then again why should I? It is so much fun.

It is made out of a medium weight linen and I gave it a pretty nice size hem. A really simple and fun dress.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

art exhibit and shop news

This bowl was recently purchase and sent to a gallery in Palo Alto, CA. It will be part of Hold & Carry Interpretations in Fiber, Clay, Metal and Wood opening on Sunday October 9th at Fibre Arts Design and running through November 10th.

Here are a few images of wool plaid ponchos that made it into the shop recently.

I used some of the deep burgundy one to make a bolster pillow for our white couch in the den and I'm enjoying the contrast and the warmth it brings to the room now that we have come upon October.