Thursday, October 27, 2011

dress up crowns

Having made these before for my own children I decided that these would be fun to make for gift giving. I made a couple for birthday parties in September and then decided to make this batch to have on hand. Two are going away over the next week. They can be embellished further with buttons or ribbons and there are a few patterns online if you would like to try to make one. We always have so many invitations to kids parties and I like to try to give at least one thing handmade and something to go along with it like a book or puzzle or toy. They are made of wool felt and the band is quilting cotton with elastic inside to keep it on. I like that they are soft and good for boys and girls.


Jenniffer said...

Fantasic idea- those look great! What lucky kids recieving those.

urban craft said...

I adore felt crowns! We make a new one every year for my son's birthday. I need to use elastic though, would say me a lot of work. Yours are awesome!