Wednesday, October 19, 2011

cashmere and silk knit necklace

This is the project I alluded to in my last post. It is a kit I purchased at the festival and it was a really enjoyable project.
I learned to add beads to my knitting and working with the cashmere and silk blend was dreamy. it is helpful to have a bowl or tray to work over in case you lose any of the tiny beads and using the super floss ( a type of dental floss) was really great for holding and working with the beads. The kit does come with a dental floss threader for adding the beads and this is fine but mine got a little bent out of shape so I purchased the super floss. I also wished it came with a little bit more of the yarn as mine came out a little short.

Designer: Laura Nelkin
Pattern: Rippled
Color: Riptide
Yarn: Sweet Georgia Yarn. Cash Silk
Beads: Size 8 glass bleeds, glass fringe beads (magatamas)
snap clasp.

Now I want to make another one so much.

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