Monday, October 17, 2011

rhinebeck goodies

On Saturday we attended the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck. It is a yearly tradition for us and one I always look forward to.

I really didn't take many photos this year which I now regret so I only have photos to share of the goodies I brought home. I had seen a shawl on Ravelry made up in Sanguine Gryphon yarn and knew I wanted to stop there so that was where I headed. On my way I stopped at a booth and picked up some beautiful porcelain buttons by Melissa Jean and a really pretty knitting kit which I started last night and hope to succeed with as it involves beads and yarn which is new to me.

I reached my desination and picked out my yarn after some debate as there was so many pretty hues but, the one i had come for was sold out. I didn't have much trouble picking out a few I liked and as I went to checkout I realized the line was not only out the door but there was at least 100 people ahead of me. In the spirit of it all I waited on line for an hour and half to pay for my yarn. Yes, I did and yes that may be a little crazy but I met some great girls and had some fun conversations. I had no idea this yarn was so popular. I really think it will be great to work with and the hand paints are a work of art.

line out the door

Sanguine Gryphon Yarn
Mithril: The Shepard at the Fold by Moonlight (grey) and Big Bad Wolf (purple) and Skinny Bugga: Tomato Frog (red).

I kind of was in a daze after this so I had to take a moment to eat and recharge. I then went through most of the buildings and saw quite a lot of fiber goodness. There is no way in the 6 hours I was there I even saw everything which is to say there is a lot to see. And, I didn't really spend anytime with the animals which is a bit sad because I really do like to visit the alpacas and the see the angora bunnies. I had wanted to meet Ysolda since she was doing a book signing but unfortunately, missed the times she would be there. Come back next year Ysolda.

The sad part of the day besides leaving was that my little Scarlet wanted so badly to buy a sheep. She didn't want to leave without one and put up a good standoff and had a good cry about it. Too bad we are not allowed sheep in my town. We tried to explain this to her but, she is three so you know.

Oh, and I can not forget this lovely yarn from Tess Designer Yarns. Just look at that label and the name of the yarn: Kitten! Cashmere and silk. Yes, please.

I could barely move yesterday however I managed a nice walk in the sun and some garden work.


jenn said...

fun! I swear I am going to get there next year!! Every year something comes up so I can't go! It looks like you got some great goodies!

Jenniffer said...

Beautiful colors you picked! And those buttons are incredible- glad you were able to turn your long wait in line into some fun!

Elizabeth said...

Those buttons are amazing! Maybe this will be the winter I get that sock pattern back out and well and truly learn to knit (the kind of learning where I don't need a video tutorial to successfully cast on every time). Thank you for your kind note on the Liam blog; it is nice to hear from people. Best,