Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Maile Sweater

Knit in Alcehmy Yarns of Transformation. I had leftover yarn from previous projects that were slightly different but, realized after the fact otherwise I would have stranded it. It came out like subtle color blocking which is in style anyway, right? This is how I console myself.

I like the concept behind this sweater and have been wanting to knit it for awhile. It is named after a native Hawaiian vine that is used to make leis.

Depending on the size of the baby this looks like it will fit anywhere in the range of newborn-6 months. It's very light so it will work for Spring.

I still need to add four buttons. I didn't find anything in my stash so will add them when I find something I like.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

smock top

An art smock with a big pocket was made for S this week. I was going to save it for her birthday but, then how could I try it on her.

I used a medium weight cotton/linen and some Heather Ross fabric for the pocket which has a seam down the middle to separate whatever she might want to put in there- tiny toys, paint brushes and crayons...

My two regrets are that I didn't size up because it is a bit smaller then I would have liked in the chest and shoulders though she is wearing two shirts here. Also, that I didn't cut the fabric high enough on top to allow for a seam allowance without chopping off Rapunzel's head so I zigzag stitched the top instead of decapitating her. It's easy enough to make so I will make her another in a size up when she grows out of it if I find it gets enough use.

The pattern is from Carefree Clothes for Girls.

If my Mom made me stand on furniture when I was a kid I might have been scared too;)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

cable headband

I have been knitting almost non-stop as soon as I get the moment I sit down and pick up the needles. When it is 10 degrees outside who can blame me? To be fair there has been some sewing even a few finished projects which I hope to show soon.

I have been knitting baby and kid things like tiny pants, sweaters and slippers but, as soon as I got this Good Night, Day knitting pattern book in the mail I put aside the kid projects to make something for myself. Honestly, I wasn't sure if this style would look good on me but, as it turns out I love it.

I had some Debbie Bliss Como yarn which is incredibly soft and perfect for this project so that made starting right away so simple. It was a nice quick knit and I would love to make another one.

There are some great patterns in this book. I would really like to try like the pembroke tank and markham collar. The photography is gorgeous as well and I am happy to finally be getting around to hand knitting one of Tara-Lynn Morrison's designs.

Friday, January 18, 2013

sailor sweater

A nautical style striped sweater knit using this pattern.
I made mine in natural alpaca and Quince and Co. Chickadee in the color Peacoat.

I sized up my sweater using heavier yarn then the pattern calls for and it came out about a 2-3T.

I have been making an effort to use only yarn I have for my projects but, I ran out of the alpaca right before the button band and sleeves so I had to order some. Unfortunately, I was not able to get the same exact yarn as it had been purchased a couple of years before on a day trip so I tried to match it as best as I could online. It's a bit different but, I think it works out okay in the end. The blue buttons are vintage ones.

I enjoyed knitting this pattern and the clever construction.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

nani iro dress

I am in the process of cutting pieces for a quilt of Nani Iro double gauze. I have this quilt 'problem' in that I start several at a time and then stall so they are slow going but, I know that they will be realized eventually.

Since I was cutting into this piece I decided to make a dress in a style I have made several times before. Inside there are french seams and the style is very loose and flowing. It transitions from a dress to a top over the years.

This fabric is so pretty and I am looking forward to seeing my daughter in it this coming spring and summer.

Monday, January 14, 2013

penny rug

Penny Rugs are typically made from coin shaped circles in varying sizes like mine and made with wool felt and stitched together in blanket stitch.
I used a variety of plaids and solids and they are backed in black wool.
I hand stitched it so it is very rustic and imperfect which I think is charming.
Instead of attaching them all to a backing I wanted mine to be more like a doily.

A bit about the history of penny rugs.

They are rather simple to make. Even though there is a very rustic country historical look to this item I also think it sort of has that japanese crafty element to it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

corduroy was a skirt

Skirts...she is really into them. I understand as I quite like skirts and tights myself. There were many many years I didn't wear jeans at all.

A new brown corduroy skirt with a red velvet ribbon for decoration.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

beekeeper quilt

I started a new long term project. The Beekeeper Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits. It is made up of knitted hexagons in sock weight yarn. They are quite addictive to make.

I am in need of more sock weight yarn though so if you have any leftovers from projects that you are willing to part with I would be willing to trade for other supplies both fabric and yarn so contact me if you are interested in a swap. Thanks.

Monday, January 7, 2013

baby moccasins

These baby Moccasins are adorable and though I have made many baby socks over the years I still enjoy trying out new patterns. I think these are so sweet. The pattern is by the Purl Bee and I've always wanted to knit them. I am happy to finally have an excuse to. No, I am not having a baby.

I used only yarn I already had and first tried them out in the grey and white. I like them but the natural Icelandic wool (white) was thick and thin and not dense enough for my liking so I knit them again in a style more close to the original. For the grey and white I used a duplicate stitch similar to one I saw on Ravelry by thestorygirl and on the tan and white I followed the Purl Bee's instructions and these are my favorite of the two.

There are other styles I love for knitted baby socks. One is my booties in cotton that tie with a ribbon, Mary Janes and the famous crossover Saartje's booties. There is another one I saw too I want to try that goes up higher on the leg.

I really do love knitting for babies.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.
2013! It's here.

We rang in the new year London style meaning we celebrated at 7:00PM with the kids and friends...confetti was thrown.

I started writing this blog on January 1, 2007. I am still here and still very much enjoying it. I went back this morning to look at what I wrote last year. My resolution was to try a new craft and take a class. Well, congratulations to me I did that. I did my first experiment with dyeing using indigo in the Spring and I enrolled in upholstery class and completed two semesters. How fun it is to attack a piece of furniture. I am almost done with my chair and will finish that this week. My first finished piece was a footstool.

This year I don't know if I have any resolutions. I have been enjoying Yoga a lot lately and want to continue with that. I want to grow a better garden and learn to slow down a little. I was thinking about how much i enjoy tea but, how rare it is that I sit down with a cup and just relax so I am going to make that a resolution. Hey, if I got to go on a really amazing vacation that would be awesome too.

So, in the effort to do a little more tea drinking why not knit a tea cozy. I used leftover yarn from this hat I knit for M years ago. The pattern is called Tea Mitten by Elizabeth Kleven though I changed it up a bit by omitting several rows. I could have gotten rid of a few more. Or, maybe I need to get a bigger teapot so it fits better!

The teapot here is one I bought a few years ago on sale at Anthropologie.

book club

For the past few years I've been involved in a book club. We meet about every six weeks which is just right for me as I usually spend most of time on projects and less on reading. I love to get together with this great group of women. We have such an interesting group. Our discussions usually start off with the book and end on personal levels which is really great and always fun as we learn more about each other and our own journeys in life past and present.

Here is the list of books we tackled this year. If I forgot one and any of you girls are reading feel free to add them in the comments.

Here is the list of titles:

In the Garden of Beasts- Erik Larson - I didn't finish this one. It's about a US Ambassador stationed in Germany during the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party.
Blood, Bones and Butter- Gabrielle Hamilton - An enjoyable read. A personal account all about food and the food business and much more.
Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter- I like this one a lot. It takes place in Italy in the 60's. I would definitely recommend this one.
Wild (From Lost to Found)Cheryl Strayed- an enjoyable read about a 26 year old female hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and self discovery.
The Cove- Ron Rash - This one was okay. It's about outcasts in the South at the end of World War 1.
Myra Breckinridge- Gore Vidal (some read Lincoln since this was not available on Kindle). Myra was okay and maybe shocking for it's time but a bit silly for me.
The Paris Wife- Paula McLain - I enjoyed reading this one about Hemingway during the early part of his career, his first wife and the cast of characters they meet and party with.
John Saturnall's Feast- Lawrence Norfolk - I didn't finish this one. It's not holding my interest. Maybe I will go back at some point.
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks- Rebecaa Skloot - I am reading this now and it's really interesting.

Also, on the table is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Hope to get to this soon.

Are you in a book club? What were some of your favorites this year?