Sunday, October 26, 2008

blue hat

I made Little M a new hat. A blue hat. It's his favorite color.

I finished it almost a week ago staying up past bedtime, until 12:15 AM, in order to make it happen.
I don't often do that but, sometimes you got to.

I started this hat several times and the second to last time I was convinced I wouldn't have to start over and then I did.
I was really annoyed but, this is what happens sometimes when making stuff. You have to remember to walk away and then come back to it. It's not that it's hard to knit. I had just been hiding my wraps wrong. Silly me.

Anyway, this hat is called Ear Cozies by Fiber Trends and the yarn is Lorna's Laces. This is almost the same shape as a hat that my boy has been wearing for 2 years however, that one was a quilted nylon one my friend Anna K. bought and now he has outgrown it so he needed a new one.

He likes it and I like it. So, there you have it. A new hat with some leaves on it.


kristi said...

i LOVE that color blue. and i like how it has flaps down over the ears. i'm amazed by your plethora of knitting projects/successes. this darn lace scarf i have going is just sitting in a red bag and will probably never get made... :)

*karen said...

cute *and* cozy. perfect.

A Day That Is Dessert said...

Love that second picture! And that blue hat.

Anonymous said...

here's a little linky I thought you might think was fun....