Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the handmade dress

It's become pretty obvious by now that I really love making clothes for my daughter. I don't see an end to this obsession. Thank goodness she has a good sized closet!

The latest addition is a new dress sized for a one year old. Since she is approaching 9 months and already has plenty of 6-12 months clothes I decided to jump ahead. This looks pretty big even for a one year old so I am contemplating making the smaller size anyway. We'll see.

The pattern is from The Handmade Dress and is called Miss Madeline.

I used fabric I had bought at Purl last Winter. It is Windham Fabrics Presents Colonies Archives c. 1850 which I'm not sure is available anymore. The color palette and pattern are very soothing and definitely seem to have an old Colonial or Amish look to them. For the apron part, I used a vintage cotton eyelet handkerchief. This pattern was very easy to follow and I see myself doing this one again. I'd like to try it out with and without the apron again and use the embroidery pattern that came along with it.


Elizabeth said...

Very cute little dress. When my girls were small, I pretty much sewed non stop, it can be quite a fun obsession!!

beki said...

It's so sweet, I love it!

Amelia Plum said...

the dress is adorable and i love the printed fabric. miss s is one lucky little baby

jen said...

oh my gosh, the apron part - what a sweet touch!

melissa said...

Adorable little dress. I love the sweet apron!