Saturday, October 11, 2008

window display

Today we went for a drive to Hoboken to drop off some items at Mackey Blue- hats, kerchiefs, cowls, baby items, brooches, bobby pins, badges etc. I forgot to show you some of my new things and now they are there and my camera ran out of battery before I got a chance to shoot them. Doesn't that stink? Oh well, I can't sweat it. The badges I made were with Liberty of London fabric and kind of a sweet little touch to your lapel. I guess I'm sort of into that thing. I also made a pair of t-strap knit baby shoes that I really liked. Too bad they were too small for Ms. S or maybe that's a good thing otherwise I would have kept them.

The last few days I was crazy putting the finishing touches on my stuff- sewing tags on, printing tags, putting pom poms on hats, making bobby's and badges. Having everything organized and well labeled is a lot of work!

Of course, there would have been a lot more items had I not spent so much time trying out new designs I have yet to figure out.

I managed to snap a few shots before the battery went kaput. Here is the window I previously mentioned I was a part of.

I can't believe I didn't buy anything. I wanted to... I really really did.


amy said...

i love the window. so inviting!

Anonymous said...

So glad you stopped by! Hello! ;) I hope you've been having a nice autumn! Anything fun lately? I see you have a new hat!!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love finding new ones to follow,and yours is adorable!

Anonymous said...

atta girl for not buying anything/ that is hard to do!!!

the labels and the organiwing IS a lot of work, but its worth it in the end because the products look so much more professional. it takes you from crafter to artisan. that is soething that i need to work on, not being so rushed that i don't make the finished product look good. an di also less around with nez product ideas when on a time crunch.. its silly: i shouldn├╣t do it!!!