Thursday, October 2, 2008

servant dress

Here is my servant dress. The pattern is Lynne's and I really enjoyed making it. I love it in this crisp cotton. I think it might also be nice in a organic flannel with long sleeves and lengthened as a nightgown. Of course, my daughter is not quite ready for 'servitude' yet.

My son though I like to put to work. He actually loves to dust, vacuum, cook, clean, mop up etc.
And, here is my proof. This photo is a bit old though- a year and half ago. Oh, time flies.


lynne said...

yipee, nancy!! it's so pretty! i'm glad you enjoyed making it!

melissa said...

Yes I love the dress in simple cream cotton. So pretty!

Sarah and Jack said...

Ha, Jack loves to vacuum, and you bet I let him do it as often as he wants! LOL