Monday, April 29, 2013

apple blossom crown

This weekend the weather was glorious. We spent a lot of time out in the garden Saturday planting swiss chard, kale, spinach, radicchio, salad greens, green beans, mint, borage, nasturtium, carrots and strawberries. We are working on replacing many of the strawberries since many of ours passed away. We also assisted with the youth gardening club and ate dinner outside for the first time this year- lots of grilled veggies and haloumi.

The most exciting news by far is that we have a new nephew! His name is Owen and we can't wait to meet him.

Yesterday, our apple blossoms peeked and I thought I would give a flower crown with the blooms a try. My online flower class starts in a few days and I am looking forward to learning better methods in arranging, bouquets and crowns. This came out okay but, there is certainly room for improvement.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

tiny blue dress

A tiny baby dress was sewn this morning. Originally planned to be a top I soon realized it was too narrow. The fabric is the softest knit designed by Nani Iro. I am working simultaneously on various projects that take some time and here and there I need to satisfy my need to complete something quickly.

Monday, April 22, 2013

two hats, storm king art center

I made these hats a few weeks back. The red one is Elizabeth Zimmerman's bonnet and it's an alpaca wool in sport weight. I always enjoy knitting her designs. I will put it away in the gift box and perhaps it will one day go to my new niece or nephew who is due in 2 days.

The peach one is a pixie hat and sized for about a 4 year old. The wool is a plant dyed merino and has slight variegation.

Over the weekend we visited Storm King Art Center and then celebrated my birthday with a dinner at Pure Food and Wine in the city. It was my first time there and I give it good reviews. We sat out on the terrace. The food was very inventive. Mick had the taco platter, the tacos are made with jicama. I had the salsify dish and everything was full of flavor.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

geranium dress

This morning I finished up a dress I started on Tuesday and she declared she loves it on first sight. Phew! You never know.

The pattern is called the Geranium Dress (pattern by Made by Rae) and has lots of different design options. I chose View A with flutter sleeves. The fabric is Liberty of London and was given to me by my lovely friend Jaime. I barely squeaked the dress out of this fabric piece but, there you have it which I didn't measure but was maybe a bit over a yard. I have been holding onto these cat buttons for awhile which I bought at Tender Buttons in NYC.

I think the 5T fit is perfect for my 5 year old. The print which I hesitated turning into a garment really looks beautiful on her.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

just dandy

Knit with two skeins of Kersti merino crepe a triangle kerchief called Dandy. This pattern was nice to knit up and even better when blocked out. The lace makes a pretty statement and can be knit with a variety of yarns. I used a worsted weight. I started a villeray by the same designer but wound up ripping it out as I wasn't quite in love with the color choice. I will go back to that one though because the spider lace is really beautiful.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

spring break

I have been a bit absent here I admit but, this past week was Spring break. Thankfully it finally did show it's face around these parts. A lot of time was spent out and about soaking it all in. I have finished knits to show you and lots of sewing projects in various stages of production. I seem to have lost focus to finish sewing projects but instead keep starting new ones. I blame this on the giddiness of Spring.

The kids enjoying the outdoors in short sleeves!

The front and back garden is coming back to life and each day it unfolds a little more. I find a little surprise each day when I do my daily walk.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

blue cardigan

Last week I finished up a blue cardigan that I began in January 2012. I knit about 80% of it then but, abandoned it. I decided since I was stuck with a cold I needed a project that I could feel really good about and what is better then finishing off something that has sat around for too long.

The yarn is really soft and if I remember correctly it's a Debbie Bliss. The color is so pretty on her. The pattern is Mini Manu by Kate Davies and she is such an amazing knitter.

I think the reason I left off where I did is that some of my yarn got completely tangled (couldn't even locate it last week) and I knew I wouldn't have enough to properly finish it. I decided to make the collar and button band much smaller with only two rows of garter and I had to leave off the pockets. I think my short rows look a bit funny and I am hoping with another blocking the pleats show up a little better. I used some vintage buttons from a button company card that are the same but, a bit different in shade since they were samples. Since it was over a year ago that I started It's a size 4.

Perhaps if I am really lucky she will wear it this Spring and I will cross my fingers that it will fit next year.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

green dress

Green. Very slowly everything is turning green. Tiny buds in the berry bramble this week and buds about to burst on the fruit trees. The rhubarb pushed up through the ground and the chives and mint. Peas, arugula and radish seeds have been planted and the sweet peas have migrated outside with crossed fingers for all.

I wanted to try out an idea I had for a summer dress with a ruffle at the bottom and top. A sweet style and very light in cotton voile. I'd like to make it again sometime as I can see now little tweaks I can improve on in the pattern.

I may have made the dress but, the poses are all hers.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


A few images from Easter day. Lots of goodies in their Easter baskets.

flock together mitts

As much as I want it to feel like Spring it is still pretty cold here in the northeast especially in the mornings and nighttime. These mitts have been in the queue for awhile. I like the pretty picot edging and embroidered feathers. They came together quickly. The pattern is called flock together mitts.

A few child sized hats have been finished recently which I will show soon and a pretty spring dress.