Tuesday, April 21, 2015

liberty and lace sundress

This sundress! Oh, I just love it...
I had forgotten how much I adored the one I made for my girl four years ago and when it popped in my head I immediately dropped what I was doing last week to start another.

The combination of knitted lace in soft white wool with the Liberty of London cotton lawn is just exquisite. I made this red floral one a size 12 months and listed in my Etsy shop. The hem is hand sewn and the lace is knitted then sewn on by machine and then hand sewn to the fabric on top to lay flat. I made a little different then the original one where the knit portion was inside.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

spring has sprung: scilla

Spring has finally started in the Northeast. Could we be any happier? My daughter pulled out the beach chairs on Sunday and then decided to make lemonade from scratch..on her own mind you while I was upstairs-eek! and later she put on her bathing suit and ran in the sprinkler - it was 68 degrees!

In my yard the daffodils bloomed, the hellebores started opening and this dainty little flower which is so tiny and low to the ground you can barely notice it blue- indigo- violet. It's most certainly a fairy flower.

liberty hair ties

To be honest with you there are a few more of these but, once I started it was really hard to stop. My big basket of Liberty scraps is one of my favorite things to dive into and make things with. While doing this I also cut and sewed a little on my basic patch quilt as I went along. I don't plan to finish that anytime soon but, it's nice to pull out here and there. I've made these before and blogged them most likely a few years ago but, I can't help sharing them again.

springtime bloomers

Just added : a pair of bloomers to the shop and though it can't be paired with the skirt in a matching print it would make a sweet present for a baby and big sister.
I'm working on a very pretty Liberty dress that I hope to finish in a day or two.

Monday, April 6, 2015

butterfly bobby pins

I made a few of these wool felt butterfly hair pins over the weekend. They were intended for a certain basket but were spotted beforehand. These could become addictive to make. After I finished, I discovered where the rest of my felt scraps were so I think a few more felt projects will be happening soon.

This project can be found over on the Purl Bee.