Thursday, December 31, 2015

deer hat / acorn trail

A few weeks ago I tried out a design using a familiar one and making a few changes.
This little deer hat was born.

I used Teagan White Birch Fabrics Acorn Trail in organic cotton and lined it with a green cotton. I would like to make some more but instead line with something warmer and white and maybe list a few in the new year.

Ideally, I wanted to photograph this taking my time and setting it up though that hasn't happened yet. This is sort of what has been holding up my blogging entries combined with some health issues and lack of time. Hope to remedy this and all else soon.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year! Looking forward to sharing more in 2016.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

recent children items listed in my etsy store

Take a look at some recent hand knitted children's items in my store.
The beautiful green merino hat and scarf set would be lovely for a baby.
A poppy knit wool hat in a shade of red/orange that is stunning.
Two children hats in a mix of mohair wool, lace, trims, rosebuds and tinsel!
Hope you all are having a lovely holiday season.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Paper and Fabric Flower Crown

Eek! So sorry. I will promise to catch up soon. I will at least make a concerted effort to try!
It's just been a ridiculous long time since my last post and of course now I decide to write and I have to pick up the kids in 5 minutes.

Quick notes:

*I have a really cute DIY today up on the blog Painted Sidewalks- the adorable S models for me.
*I've been pretty decent lately in updating my Etsy shop so please take a look and remember I do custom projects.