Wednesday, February 27, 2013

the sky will turn blue and the flowers will bloom

Rain outside and in (the basement) and projects scattered about in the bedroom, in the attic. Tired but, so thankful for the morning alone in the house to putter about.

I finished this quilt top last night which was inspired by this one. It's made from voile, liberty cotton lawn (the prints) and muslin. I hope to finish it soon.

I've been dreaming of the garden a lot and had a really strange one the other night- I went out to start moving the soil around and add compost and there were people in all the raised beds all over my front lawn and everyone was so happy like they were at some sort of music festival all smiling, singing and chatting and like it was all so normal for them to be there. There was a kid who had found a large hallowed out tomato that survived winter and was wearing it around as a hat. I started to become agitated as the people started digging in the dirt like you would do in the sand to make a seat because they were going to upset the bulbs and seeds from the fall. I woke up and wondered what it all meant. Maybe it's because one of the prints in here is of vegetables that appear to be dancing..... Who knows...

Thursday, February 21, 2013


My laced edged shawlette that I have been knitting for a few days was finished last night.
Here is the link to the pattern on Ravelry. I will be adding mine over there shortly. I like the result of this pattern a lot. It's a bit different then most shawls as it works sideways and it more narrow.

The yarn is from Periwinkle Sheep and the color is called truffle. I purchased it in October at the sheep and wool festival and it's a sock yarn comprised of superwash merino and nylon.

I am debating what to start next. SO many choices.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

swingset tunic and skirt

A new spring/summer outfit was made last week. I was given this fabric and I can't help get excited about sewing spring clothes once the end of Winter is in sight. Also, it was too tempting not to make something out of this sweet Liberty fabric.

For the skirt I cut a size 4 since I have made it before I know how the sizing works on her and the peacock print one I made last year still fits well. For the top I cut a size 5 but, somehow managed to fudge it up and I am now in the process of reworking it in the back below the buttons. Thank goodness I have a patient model who does not mind trying on as I fix it.

I do want to get back to work on my quilts which I have not shown here (several in the works) though the process of clothes is so enticing for me. And, then there is my knitting.

The pattern is by Oliver + S.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day is actually one of my favorite holidays. I was so excited to pick up S from preschool to see the Valentines she got from her schoolmates and in a few minutes I'll be off to pick up my son so I get to relive the excitement yet again.

Flowers are on my mind and I am dreaming of the garden. Almost all of my sewing projects lately have been with florals. This fabric was given to me by my friend Jaime a few weeks ago and I was pleased to find I had enough to make the Wiksten tank top. This is my third and I love this top.

I'm planning to start some of these seeds over the weekend. I am crossing my fingers that I have good luck with the sweet peas.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I finished the dress which is really a tunic. I actually like it as a tunic better then I think I would have as a dress and with shorts underneath it will be great this summer. The straps need to be shortened a little bit though. I made a few modifications to the pattern which is only written up to a size 2. They are on my Ravelry page.

She is a good sport trying on summer clothes on a winter day. The straps do lie flat....I just didn't notice they were twisted when we took the photos because I was rushing.
She earned a cookie for this photo shoot.

On another note, Blogger's format of uploading shifted and I'm having trouble putting photos in order and getting them the right size. Anyone else?

Monday, February 11, 2013

loop scarf

I was reminded recently about finishing what you start. This knit was from last winter and worked on while watching season two of Downton Abbey. I figured since we are now almost done with season three it's high time I finish it. I used bits from previous projects and am really liking the color scheme. It is knit flat and then seamed into a loop that can be worn loose or wrapped twice.

Another project that will most likely be finished soon is this cotton dress.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

bow hair ties

I set some time aside this morning to work in the attic and cut out a few articles of clothing, worked on one of my quilts and made these bow hair ties. I made 6 all with Liberty fabrics. I like that my daughter and I can share this hair accessory because it is definitely equally sweet on adults and kids.

In one of the pictures you can see what they look like before you tie them in a bow around the hair tie.

Here is the pattern.

Hope the coming snowstorm doesn't cancel Scarlet's art party with her friends Saturday. I don't think it will since it is right in town and everyone coming is close by.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

little leg warmers

Little leg warmers for S to help keep warm on these cold days. I also can't find the ones I made four years ago which most likely were stored away and are probably too small anyway. The pattern is so easy which is useful since I like to have a project to carry along with me to dance and Tae Kwan Do lessons. If you want to knit a pair for your sweet little one the pattern is free from Never Not Knitting.

Tomorrow is a big day. Scarlet turns 5! I am making cake pops as requested. It's my first time making them and I am halfway done.

I will be back soon to show some more projects I have been up to.