Thursday, September 27, 2012

citronille: C├ęsarine - plaid wool coat

I put this coat together over the past few days despite this lingering cold virus I have been carrying for 10 days now. Though I never took French lessons I was able to sew this following the diagrams and my existent sewing knowledge of putting garments together. I did look up a few words after tracing the pattern and the seam allowance conversion.

I cut the size 4 which is the smallest size for this pattern and it is definitely a nice generous size with room to grow. I've had the wool for about a year now in a few different plaids and have made capes and pillows with it and have wanted to try using it for a coat. I used a soft cotton velvet blend for the lining that I had on hand. When making the coat I was pleasantly surprised how easily everything came together though getting the layers where the coat meets the hood through the machine was a bit tricky since it was so thick and I wound up breaking a needle. A longer stitch helped. I used 3 and 3.5 rather then 2.5 on my machine. Have you made hand sewn buttonholes before? It is so nice and simple and worked out beautifully for this project.

Running around in dahlias at a farm and orchard we visited yesterday.

The website for Citronille is here but, I don't see this pattern listed. I have had it for awhile and I would definitely recommend sewing this pattern if you have some experience. They now have some patterns translated to English which I just found out if you are not feeling so brave. I have been wishing for some of their knitting patterns to be translated ( I see one because I have often admired some of the examples I have seen worked up on Ravelry... I am not sure if I can knit in French;)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

placket neck pullover

The child's placket neck sweater has been on the list for a while but getting gauge and fit was a bit trickier then I anticipated. It required ripping and redoing and varying the directions between two sizes as well as going down two needle sizes. When it was done I discovered the sleeves were too short. I cut into it and redid the sleeves and they are still a tad shorter then I would like but, I am going to block it tonight which should resolve the issue.

The twist in the yarn is really beautiful and it's 100% peruvian alpaca which is why it's a bit floppy. I've had this yarn in my stash for years and it was purchased at my first sheep and wool festival. I pretty much used every bit of it. Hope we get some cold days to make good use of it as it's too warm to wear now. Wait, did I just say I hoped for cold days? I mean like in the 40's in January and February...just to clarify.

Monday, September 17, 2012

apple orchard

This weekend we went apple picking. I've mentioned it here before but, this is always one of my most favorite days of the year. I just love apple trees. Sometimes we even go twice and this year we will definitely be going again to get some other varieties. We picked macoun, cortland, gala, rome and golden delicious.

It wasn't quite the crisp autumn day for it but, change is in the air and I am ready. So far, apple bread has been made from the lovely Apples for Jam cookbook and of course lots eaten though I have to cut them up for the boy who is missing three teeth.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

produce bags

I've been wanting to make some of these for ages and was recently re-inspired.
I used some muslin pieces I had leftover from other projects to make simple drawstring bags in different sizes. I plan to make a few more since four won't be enough once I get some more muslin. So much better then those plastic bags.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

navy sweater poncho

Sweater ponchos. I made a few more of these recently and plan to put some in the shop... Mackey Blue, maybe.

This one is for her. I love to repurpose cast off sweaters and this navy one was mine but, was attacked by a moth. Some felt leaves to cover up the holes and a few snips and seams and we are all set for Autumn which the past few mornings have given us a taste of.

Monday, September 10, 2012

heart quilt top

I finished this quilt top over the weekend. Hooray! It feels good to be done with it though obviously I am not as I still have to quilt it. I have a hard time photographing quilts so I hope this gives you a good idea.

The size is a bit smaller then I originally thought winding up at 36" x 45." I have enough blocks to make a matching pillow. I really like the heart design and it will make a nice lap quilt.

I started a few other sewing projects and will do a few more before I finish this. My sewing groove seems to be back.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

small patchwork

Though I am still slowly plugging away on the quilt I have managed to start and complete some sewing projects. One of them was these simple potholders. One is hand quilted with tiny cross stitches. In the middle is a heat resistant fabric. I have made these before but not, in a long while so it is nice to have some new ones.

Next time, I will change the design though to make them a little larger and a bit more puffy with more quilting.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

ava beret

Happy September.

Today is cloudy here and the leaves are just beginning to fall. Yesterday was the opposite we went to the beach and it was a hot sunny day. We also celebrated our 11 year anniversary with a dinner date near where my parents live. It was very nice and I had the most delicious dish of butternut squash ravioli with zucchini, almonds and shaved parmesan in a light pesto cream sauce.

The kids start school Thursday. My son will be starting 1st grade and my daughter her last year of preschool. We have almost everything on the list checked off and we are all excited for the routine to begin again.

-My latest finished knit is this petite beret. The brioche stitch with a picot edge trim is really nice with great texture. The pattern is the Ava Beret and also free on the Petite Purls site.

I almost forgot..the yarn is Brooklyn Tweed Loft.