Thursday, September 20, 2012

placket neck pullover

The child's placket neck sweater has been on the list for a while but getting gauge and fit was a bit trickier then I anticipated. It required ripping and redoing and varying the directions between two sizes as well as going down two needle sizes. When it was done I discovered the sleeves were too short. I cut into it and redid the sleeves and they are still a tad shorter then I would like but, I am going to block it tonight which should resolve the issue.

The twist in the yarn is really beautiful and it's 100% peruvian alpaca which is why it's a bit floppy. I've had this yarn in my stash for years and it was purchased at my first sheep and wool festival. I pretty much used every bit of it. Hope we get some cold days to make good use of it as it's too warm to wear now. Wait, did I just say I hoped for cold days? I mean like in the 40's in January and February...just to clarify.

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