Thursday, September 27, 2012

citronille: Césarine - plaid wool coat

I put this coat together over the past few days despite this lingering cold virus I have been carrying for 10 days now. Though I never took French lessons I was able to sew this following the diagrams and my existent sewing knowledge of putting garments together. I did look up a few words after tracing the pattern and the seam allowance conversion.

I cut the size 4 which is the smallest size for this pattern and it is definitely a nice generous size with room to grow. I've had the wool for about a year now in a few different plaids and have made capes and pillows with it and have wanted to try using it for a coat. I used a soft cotton velvet blend for the lining that I had on hand. When making the coat I was pleasantly surprised how easily everything came together though getting the layers where the coat meets the hood through the machine was a bit tricky since it was so thick and I wound up breaking a needle. A longer stitch helped. I used 3 and 3.5 rather then 2.5 on my machine. Have you made hand sewn buttonholes before? It is so nice and simple and worked out beautifully for this project.

Running around in dahlias at a farm and orchard we visited yesterday.

The website for Citronille is here but, I don't see this pattern listed. I have had it for awhile and I would definitely recommend sewing this pattern if you have some experience. They now have some patterns translated to English which I just found out if you are not feeling so brave. I have been wishing for some of their knitting patterns to be translated ( I see one because I have often admired some of the examples I have seen worked up on Ravelry... I am not sure if I can knit in French;)

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