Monday, October 1, 2012

toasted marshmallow

Good Morning. Hope you all had a nice weekend and welcome October. We celebrated my Mother-in-Law's 80th birthday with a grand party on Saturday. She has seven children and 11 grandchildren so you can imagine how full of a life she has had so far. She grew up in Ecuador and moved to Queens, NY where she met her husband in a class learning to speak English. I get such a kick out of how they couldn't really talk to each other on their first date.

Anyway, I just love this month and it really is time for the wools to get worn. Last night I finished knitting this soft and cosy cowl scarf made with Blue Sky Brushed Suri. Years ago I knit a lace scarf in the color Earl Gray with this yarn and I love it so that I thought it would be project for another scarf project. This pattern is called the Cupido Cowl and there is some really nice texture created in the pattern. The color is called toasted marshmallow hence the title of the post. It's just the sort of soft easy piece to throw on in the morning. Well I am off to do a little sewing and tea drinking. Be back soon.


Blaze said...

That looks lovely!! So soft and sweet. I love the color!

Amelia Plum said...

Pretty cowl scarf Nancy. And I love the story about how Mick's parents met, so sweet.