Monday, July 30, 2007

k1 p1, p1 k1

That's the basic stitch pattern for this scarf on an even # of stitches. I used Brown Sheep yarn which is a wool and mohair mix and size 10 1/2 needles. I plan to make it very long so I'm thinking 3 skeins. I'm on my second now. The color is called Victorian Pink but, I think it looks like Black Raspberry ice cream

Cast on 28 stitches ( or an even number to get the width you like)
1st and 2nd row K1 P1... across row
3rd and 4th row P1 K1... across row
It's called moss stitch and it's just what I need right now. By that I mean a hypnotic and relaxing project.
Yesterday, I had a big blowout with my sewing machine. We are on better terms right now but, that Singer Merritt 4525 is getting old and tired. It's 17 and was a cheap model (around $100) that I received as a gift. I'm looking to upgrade and thinking about a Janome. I don't think I can afford a Bernina. I want a free arm this time and a walking foot and all the basic stuff like various stitches...some fancy ones might be nice... and of course zippers, buttonholes etc. I hope to be able to purchase something in the $300-400 range. Any suggestions?

Friday, July 27, 2007

baby bib

I made my first bib last night using this sweet vintage looking puppy and kitten fabric. I plan to make more varieties of these both for Little M and other babies. Little M isn't so little anymore but, he does still wear bibs.
The instructions for making this bib are from Bend-The -Rules-Sewing and I like that it is backed with cotton flannel. This pattern calls for snaps and the only ones I had on hand were heavy-duty. A smaller snap would most likely look a little better. You could easily use a little velcro or alter the pattern a little to make twill tape ties if you like.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

into the woods tote bag

I made a tote for myself for Autumn during yesterday's naptime. I love how the tweed wool looks with red and cream squirrel print linen. The instructions for making the tote, which are very simple, came from the Lotta Jansdotter book I've mentioned before. It felt so good to sew up something for myself. Life on my end has been a little nutty lately.
I'm already craving cooler weather and a change in season. I love everything about Autumn. I'm totally romanticizing a walk in the woods right now...the smell of the earth and the leaves crunching under my feet, seeing forest animals and discovering little treasures. I do think it is my most favorite season of all although they all have something beautiful about them.
If you want to see the full size image it's here

Monday, July 23, 2007

tulip garden

i am so in love with these old polaroids of a tulip garden
my own fire escape garden was partially ravaged by squirrels this year.
those little buggers destroyed my window boxes
i'm torn whether to buy some new flowers (that squirrels don't like) or just
giving up now that it's the end of july. maybe i'll try once more.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

scrap doll quilt

I just finished up the little doll blankie/quilt I was making out of vintage scraps. You can see here that the clothespin dolls are wearing the same fabrics that are in the quilt.
It didn't turn out as good as I hoped as it is a bit uneven on the edges but, since it is intended for a little girl to actually play with I think it's okay that it's a little messy.

Friday, July 20, 2007

apple pie kids & custom orders

I adore this fabric - Apple pie kids, I purchased from Superbuzzy a while back. I'm going to add this one to my Etsy shop today or tomorrow. I appliqued a few more onesies for Mackey Blue this week and also decided to make a fabric chart and offer custom orders which I think is a good idea.

My brother just called me and wanted gift ideas for a one year old girl so, after giving a few suggestions I actually thought... well I have some items you can consider... so he got all excited because he wanted to give something different and so he is coming to pick up the following items from me later today. YEAH! A sale is a sale even if it's family, right.

There has been quite a bit of craziness here this week and less time for crafting so I've not gotten done as much as I hoped or blogged as much as I wanted to but, well, that is just life sometimes.
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

a new clutch (lessons learned)

This is the artsy clutch from Bend-The- Rules - Sewing.
Some lessons learned while sewing this today. The fabric I used which is lovely is too flimsy for this bag in my opinion. I would have been better off with a quilting cotton or something sturdier. I would make the bag a little bigger than called for...a few extra inches would suffice as it's a bit small in my opinion. Lastly, I would be extra careful to follow directions when doing the lining as I made a mistake here and my seams are showing on the lining.
That said, I think it's a good pattern.
It was also a welcome distraction as I'm working on a sewing project for a relative that is not exactly thrilling me at the moment

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Aren't these two kittens sweet? I purchased them at Mackey Blue on Wednesday night. They were sitting right next to my children's items just waiting for me to adopt them. For those of you who are new here, Mackey Blue is a store I work at on Wednesday nights and that carries some of my homemade items. I really love this store because it is like a flea market or a thrift store where you find that little treasure you fancy and want to take home.

In other news, I'm trying out a very basic little patchwork doll quilt/blankie ..we will see how it pans out...
Hope you are enjoying your weekends.

Friday, July 13, 2007

WIP : Cotton Sweater

I'm knitting a new sweater for Little M out of Manos Cotton Stria that hopefully will be done by the end of summer if not before so he can begin wearing it as soon as it is a little cool. I love the chocolate brown color and so far the pattern is very easy to follow. It is called Lillie's Little Sweater from Cottage Creations. The portion you see here is the beginning of the hood.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

woodland elf

I made the woodland elf hat from Amy's new book. It is constructed from one of Mick's old sweaters that he accidently shrunk and then I felted last winter. The material is quite heavy so I was nervous about sewing it on the machine and decided to do it by hand. It took longer but, I didn't mind. It's very cute and I think he will be able to wear it for several years.
Last year we wanted to dress up Little M as a garden gnome for Halloween but, went with a spider instead so, if we go with garden gnome this year I've now got the perfect hat. I think he will be more excited about wearing it once it's not 90 degrees...getting a picture was a bit tricky.

Monday, July 9, 2007

cuffs + buttons

By now, you may know that I love vintage buttons and use them in various ways throughout my crafted, sewn and knitted items. I especially love the ones with rhinestone centers like some of them pictured here.
I have been making handknit cuffs for longer then I can remember. I have gifted them to friends and made several pairs for myself. They are a simple item to wear and a lovely touch to any outfit. I have a few pairs in the shop and am considering making more for the upcoming fall/winter.
I also plan to make some mittens for the shop and do some embroidery on them.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

a bonny bonnet

I knit up this baby bonnet as I had leftover Rowan Kid Classic (76% lambswool, 26% kid mohair, 4% nylon) from the Jess Hutch Bunny I did earlier this year. I would love to do this again with the contrast color tie as shown in the photograph and perhaps in a more neutral color scheme although I do love this shade of blue on either boys or girls. I really like the color scheme in the photograph which is described as lending an Early American look but, would also love to see it in a neutral shade with a red tie or even a red bonnet with a cream colored tie. It is sized for 6-24 months which is quite a large size range for baby items and the pattern is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I do like this pattern and will definitely knit it again.
Next up from this book will be the angora baby booties once I go out and purchase the needles.

Friday, July 6, 2007

sea green & purple hydrangea

I first spoke about this here when I was all psyched to dedicate June to working on house projects. I must admit I fell short with my plans there. I had planned a lot more sewing projects and some organizing and cleaning out but, my energies and lack of focus took me elsewhere. However, I did make some useful kitchen items and I did finish these knit placemats this week.
I wanted to make something pretty for the table to encourage myself to slow down and enjoy a meal leisurely at the table. I realize this might mean waiting for a move when the dining room is not next to Little M's and eating quite late at night but, that is fine I will wait for that day and revel in it when it arrives.
Oh, and the beautiful purple hydrangea is from our common yard out back of our pretty and lush.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

red mary jane's

I've been in a knitting way. I know some people who don't like to knit in the summer but, not me, I like it year round. I love the rhythm, the feel of the yarn passing through my fingers, the chance it gives me to sit down and relax a little...something I don't allow myself all the time but, actually need to do once in a while.
Plus, when one bangs their toe against the foot of their blanket chest and ends up with a swollen and black and blue pinky toe it is a good thing to do to pass the time. Yup, that would be's on the mend now. I thought it appropriate to show you this finished project that is made for tiny toes because I know you don't want to see a picture of my tiny toe.

I will show you more knitted projects over the next few posts.

Monday, July 2, 2007

red, white and blue crafts

Here are tiny pin cushions and thumbtacks I made in a red white and blue scheme (not actually with the 4th of July in mind) but, a good excuse to show them.
These crafts were made following tutorials over at how about orange which is a fun blog to check out. They are super easy and I had all the supplies on hand except for the right buttons but, they were around $2 so, no big expense.
FYI-I used Vintage seltzer bottle caps for the pincushions and they worked out just fine. We are not big soda drinkers...I'm more of a spritzer girl. My favorite beverage is seltzer mixed with cranberry/raspberry juice or cranberry/pomegranate.
A decaf latte would be second. Hmmm...what would be third? I'll have to think about that one.
Have a happy 4th of July.