Monday, July 9, 2007

cuffs + buttons

By now, you may know that I love vintage buttons and use them in various ways throughout my crafted, sewn and knitted items. I especially love the ones with rhinestone centers like some of them pictured here.
I have been making handknit cuffs for longer then I can remember. I have gifted them to friends and made several pairs for myself. They are a simple item to wear and a lovely touch to any outfit. I have a few pairs in the shop and am considering making more for the upcoming fall/winter.
I also plan to make some mittens for the shop and do some embroidery on them.


Yummers! said...

I'll look through my button box and see if I have any buttons with rhinestone centers. It just seems like I got some from my mom's button box. I'll let you know tomorrow if I do and you can email me your address.

mushroommeadows said...

Sweet! those look so, so, so hip!

Carrie said...

thanks for your comment! i love vintage buttons as well...i'm working on my small collection and hope to be making some fabric buttons soon. your creations are very inspiring...i can't wait to see more.