Thursday, September 29, 2016

on grove interview

Interview with me today!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

vertical garden wall

 I am building a 4 x 5 foot garden wall for the art exhibit. Lots of succulents, moss and vines. It's been a interesting and fun experience. I painted chair rail this week bronze to make a frame for it. The next challenge will be finding or building something to keep it upright. I work on this everyday in the Quonset- a greenhouse behind Town Hall. Being a member of our garden club allowed me this privilege to work there. I'm excited to show this piece and I think it would be an amazing piece  (quite the showstopper) in a  store, corporation or restaurant.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Breaking the Static

Exciting things are happening! Over the summer I was asked to join a feminist art collective that is just starting up. In the first few months we are already putting together our first exhibit! I've been working away on exciting pieces some of which you have seen (the fiber arts) as well as some garden installations! I've been devoting countless hours to this over the past few months. It's very exciting! Also, I'm going to DJ on opening night- yes, you read that correctly!

for the love of nani IRO

Finished the quilt I started earlier this summer. A selection of Nani IRO prints and muslin hand quilted with embroidery thread.

weaving (a lot lately)

I may have developed weaving fever! I've been doing a good amount over the past few months. Some of these have been finished and some are in progress. One, I can't find a photo of is done and I will try to photograph each one as I finish and catch up with those that I have.

  I use wool, cotton and vintage yarns, embroidery floss and metallic threads, roving and really pretty special yarns.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

By The Seashore

Well,  I didn't expect to be gone for a month! I have been letting things slide due to many reasons but, I will try to make that up to you. This girl of mine is in 3rd grade now and her brother in 5th and he has braces! This was a very slow knit I worked on a bit at a time over the summer. I managed to make it in time for the end of summer and she will be able to get a few years out of it thank goodness.
Really sweet dress that I enjoyed and I love how it turned out. I made it drop waisted rather then sitting at the natural waist. The pattern is called: By The Seashore.