Tuesday, September 29, 2015

liberty of london patchwork quilt

I'm slowly moving through my to do list and happy to have this lovely Liberty of London patchwork quilt finished. As you can see, I have many small pieces of Liberty and this pattern on pattern is quite stunning combined like this. I feel quite attached to these small pieces thinking of all the things that I've sewn with them. Clothes for me and for my daughter, my shop, other quilts and accessories. I think maybe some doll clothes will be made with some of these as well.

The squares are each 5" squares simply cut and sewn together in strips. 9 squares across and 11 squares long making it 45" x 55".

Saturday, September 26, 2015

neon pink

Knit  a neon pink wool/mohair bow scarf last weekend.

willard fair isle pullover

I finished my Willard sweater over a week ago and I guess I have to be honest, I don't love it.
I think I knew I wasn't going to which is why I stopped knitting it months ago but, I didn't want to let it sit unfinished anymore.

I knew I hadn't done an excellent job with the tension in the fair isle part and wish now I had redone it. I thought it would loosen a bit more in the blocking process. I don't have much experience with fair isle and there is some puckering. I have another fair isle project in my queue and I think I learned a good lesson with this sweater which I hope means I will do better next time.

The yarn was good though which is Quince and Co. and the pattern itself is simple.

Friday, September 11, 2015

bubble stitch bonnet

I just finished up this beautiful bonnet in a really cool stitch pattern called the bubble stitch.
I used Quince and Co. chickadee yarn in the color, Spruce. She's holding a few skeins of yarn that will one day become a paper dolls sweater for me.

*I changed the name of my Etsy store to WoolandViolets today.

a day in a sunflower maze

 These photos are from a few weeks ago when we ran around a sunflower maze .

knitted hair bow barrettes

 I made these three bows last week.  Several years ago I made a few and liked them very much. They remind me a little of a  photo I have of my Great Grandmother, Mary with her three daughters. All three girls have these big bows though theirs are much larger and made of fabric. My Grandmother is on the right. Perhaps I will  try to sew some too.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

marbling paper

The children and I marbled papers yesterday morning. It took a while to get the hang of it but using the float dots that came with the kid was a great way to get the ink to swirl. We first tried on thin rice paper but it kept tearing and then I remembered we had poster board which was perfect. I've never made journals before but that is what these will become once I get some linen thread, needle and awl. We actually made a lot more but you can see four examples above. It really is a fairly simple project to do and the results are super fun. The paint shown below is from Amazon.