Wednesday, April 30, 2008

evidence of my crafty

I've been fantasizing about stitching for the home and for the kids and trying out some ideas swirling around my head but, first I need to find the iron. That's on the to-do list for tonight. And, some time would help. Ah, yes, time.

My crafty has consisted of knitting mostly. I am finally set to see that wintergarden handbag through. You would have had to be reading here for a year to remember that one. I got distracted though and have also been knitting a sundress/jumper for Scarlet. You can see the pattern a few posts down on the table. I work on these while nursing. I can also embroider and hand-sew and feed the baby. I've yet to figure out how to use the sewing machine and nurse. Something tells me that isn't happening.

Monday, April 28, 2008

the baby's room - before

This shot of Scarlet was taken on Saturday while I was eating dinner. She will be 12 weeks on Wednesday. Time is really flying by.

We haven't fixed up her room yet. In fact, none of the the rooms are fixed Someday, right? However, I have set out a few of her things.

So far, she has been sleeping in a bassinet next to our bed so we haven't been using her room yet except to get her changed and dressed.

Little M is getting a bed tomorrow (wish me luck) so, this will change soon. I figure I will nap her in the crib for a week or so to get her used to it and then she can go there for the night. I hope this way Little M doesn't get too upset that she is taking his crib and that it gives him a chance to transition to his bed.

Vintage wicker cradle (bought off ebay while pregnant). I took out the bedding because it was fussy , old and stained. Dwell pillow bought at sample sale while pregnant with Little M. Yes I knew I was having a boy but, I couldn't resist it so it stayed in it's plastic until now.

Hello Baby book, tomato teether and a baby stuffie I bought (for me) awhile back at Purl.

A corner of her room. The curtains were left here by the previous owners..not sure if we are keeping depends on what color scheme we choose (they left us all the curtains in the house) and we haven't painted any of the rooms yet. I like the red and white but, I might paint the walls yellow. I am slowly emptying that gray bin.

Friday, April 25, 2008

the light

I am loving the it dances and changes and fills up the it is different from room to room, hour to hour. How the craft room although the photos were taken mid-day have an eerie and almost dreamy look to them. And, in the photo here of my dining table filled with so much glorious light.
This shot is sort of a good look into my day and mind. The ever present computer I can't say away from, the burp cloth representing the presence of children. the color paint swatches, yarn and fabric and over there in the corner a box that needs to be sorted.
Moving is like being born or re-born...messy and beautiful, everything is new, there is lots to learn and a chance to start over. All at once you want it done but, at the same time there is something nice about the blank slate... as long as it doesn't last too long.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

craft room- before

Here are some shots of the current state of my craft room in the attic. I feel so lucky to just have this space and am looking forward to getting it set up and working in there. It might be quite a while before it's the way I want.
My mind is swirling with ideas on how to decorate and organize it. I am hoping to use the china cabinet there that was formerly in Little M's room. It's too tall though to put against the wall so I'm not sure. I also have a blanket chest I plan to utilize. I will need more storage/furniture though because I have a lot of stuff.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

strawberry fields forever

I have to say I'm looking forward to the strawberries. I am told they are amazing.



15 beds

grape arbors

If you thought the backyard was interesting you haven't seen the front yard. It's crazy amazing. In fact, I should not be typing right now I should be outside gardening or unpacking boxes. Well it's too nice to unpack boxes so I think I will go with gardening. This is not even all of it. There is the fruit trees and other crazy stuff. Read about it here.
Oh, and if you are wondering my Dad let me borrow his camera so I am back in business.

Monday, April 21, 2008


It's nice to have a backyard.
This is a partial view of it here as I was standing in it at the time. It's a little deeper and there are hedges on the left and back and a fence on the right. So far I've discovered some flowers..a few daffodils came up, bleeding hearts and I found dead hydrangea so I'm guessing a few of the plants are them. We will see what else when I've some time to poke around. There is a lilac tree but I'm not sure if it's our property or our neighbors. The dogwood you see in the back there is not on ours but, it was in it's glory the first few days we were here. It's now shedding it's blossoms.
We inherited a clothesline and compost bins. I've wanted to learn about composting so it's on the list. The list is long.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

happy birthday to me

Today is my birthday.

We are having a good day and managing a little fun mixed in with some shopping and some housework.

Are the threads in the photo bothering anyone else? I sewed up some garlands a few weeks ago and I can't re-shoot or shoot anything right now. I dropped the camera 2 days ago so this is a photograph taken pre-move. I've got to get a new camera. It's already driving me crazy.

I've gotten lots of kisses from Little M and a few smiles from Scarlet so far and those are the best presents.

Friday, April 18, 2008

building a house

On Monday, Matty and I spent some time building a house and talking about our new home. My parents came and picked him up in the afternoon for his first overnight stay alone at Grammie and Pop Pop's. He had a great time. We moved on Tuesday. I've got a lot to stay but, way too much work to do to spend carefree time on the computer. Wish me luck that I will finish unpacking someday this year. It feels like it will never end.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Schnakenberg's Luncheonette

Since 1931. This luncheonette is frozen in time. The decor, the prices, the menu, the wax paper on your sandwiches. It's the real deal.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Things are starting to feel a lot like this miniature vintage copy of Hamlet.
Without the murder, kidnapping, sword dueling and drowning of course.
Indeed, our home seems to have literally hit the fan.

Little M decided to rip this up while I was giving birth to Scarlet. What timing! He got a hold of it by taking it off the mantle (next to crib) when he was supposed to be napping. I'm keeping the evidence in a plastic baggy. It amuses me to no end which is a good attitude I think.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

mackey blue and maxwells

Mackey Blue:

My favorite store in Hoboken and I'm not just saying that because I consign my handmade there. Karen filled a gap in Hoboken for great stores that sell vintage housewares, furniture and all kinds kinds of neat old stuff (photographs, patterns, toys, aprons, cameras...)that was sadly missing. When I first moved to Hoboken and for a while there were vintage clothing stores and more antique stores then now but, almost all of them closed down. Hoboken has changed a lot over the years! It was sad for me because not only do I like to see independent stores do well. I also like to see ones that sell vintage. Thankfully, almost a year and a half ago, Mackey Blue opened shop and upon my first visit there I chatted up Karen and made a friend and a new business venture for myself. I am still excited each time I walk in to see my stuff there and also all the cool treasures Karen is always finding and bringing to the store. I also miss working there Wednesday nights as it was always a fun place to spend a few hours each week.



Many people have heard of Maxwells or if they live in the area have been here.
I have been going for around 17 years. That's a long time! I have seen so many shows here it is impossible to write them all down or even remember them. Here are a few: Robyn Hitchcock, The Lemonheads, Stereolab, Holly Go Lightly, Harvey Sid Fisher, The Lothars, Mary Timony, Quasi, Neko Case, The Moonlighters (our wedding band) Ted Leo. I could go on and on.
Like a home away from home I have spent many nights here whether it be for drinks and dinner or music. Many good times, lots of fun.

Friday, April 11, 2008

these trees

In Hoboken there are quite a few of these trees. Please forgive my ignorance as I can't recall the name. Please tell me in the comments as I am too lazy/busy to look it up.
So, anyway these trees are in Hoboken. Yes, I know they are most likely everywhere but, when you walk on 1st Street in April a few weeks down the road and the petals are falling and swirling all around you it is like a fairytale. Really it's the most amazing daydreamy thing. I will miss that.

my lys

I will miss...
my local yarn shop.
You have been so good to me and I have been so good to you.
Patricia is awesome..kind, patient and fun (crochet class with wine) with lots of yummy yarn to choose from
She also has a very cute dog.
On the plus side, I have a new yarn store to explore that I can walk to which is a big plus for me because I am used to walking everywhere.

We had Chinese for dinner and my fortune said- 'Now is the time to try something new.'
It could not have been more appropriate.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

little m at his window

Little M back in December stands on his toybox and looks out his window. Our street is a busy one and there are always trucks to look at. Firetrucks, garbage trucks, street sweepers, motorcycles etc. I bet Little M will miss this when we move. It's not quite the same in the suburbs.
Yesterday, he told me he saw "man riding a skateboard" and "I saw man on skateboards shadow." I just love how he told me he saw the shadow. Today he told me he saw his milk cups shadow on the highchair tray. So cute or maybe it's just because I'm his Mom.

smocks and booties

Still here, still sewing and knitting. Our move date is now the 15th of April. Yup, Tuesday. We are in pretty good shape but, still more to do of course.
Smocks and booties have been selling at Mackey Blue recently so I felt the need to make up some new ones. And, I actually got a chance to photograph them which is not always the case.
I got several smocks done (I did a plaid one today using the fabric you see in the background) and two pairs of booties. Not bad for a girl on the move.
In other news not many photographs have been taken for goodbye/hello but, am still crossing my fingers.

Monday, April 7, 2008

coffee & coffee girls

So, this is my favorite coffee shop..hands down. I am going to be so sad to leave it behind. I've been going here for years. Now, I realize it's only 30 minutes away but, you understand, don't you? It's a daily habit of mine. They also have Green & Black's chocolate here...are you getting the picture now? And, Anna's ginger snaps. I've been wanting to try the chocolate chip graham cookies in the jar. This week I'm giving in to this temptation.

These are my favorite girls. Strawberry (L) and Heidi (R) work on the weekends.
I can never decide who makes my coffee better. I may have to go with Heidi at least that's how I feel today. Strawberry is so's amazing. Perhaps the coffee? I think she's got a natural high going. And, Heidi has got to be one of the sweetest people around just look at her awesome smile. If I was childless I would want to party with these two on the weekends.
I think I may have to break out the tissues when I say goodbye on Sunday. Wah!

Friday, April 4, 2008

my dolly

I put my dolly's dress on

I put my dolly's pants on

I put my dolly's hat on

And she looks like this

I put my dolly's stockings on

I put my dolly's shoes on

She acts just like a clown

Oh and she looks like this

Oh well she looks like this-o

Oh well she looks like this-o


And she looks like this

My dolly talks for me me

My dolly walks for me me

When dolly walks and talks

Oh well she looks like this

My dolly she can sing sing

My dolly she can dance dance

When dolly sings and dances

Well she looks like this

Oh well she looks like this-o

Oh well she looks like this-o


And she looks like this

Dolly says I want to eat eat

Dolly says I want to drink drink

When dolly eats and drinks

Oh well she looks like this

Dolly plays with all her toy toys

Dolly plays with the girls and boy boys

When dolly runs and skips

Oh well she looks like this

Oh well she looks like this-o

Oh well she looks like this-o


And she looks like this

I know my dolly likes me

I know my dolly loves me

When dolly hugs and kisses me

Well we look like this

Dolly says I'm getting tired now

Dolly says I want to lay down

When dolly goes to sleep

Oh well she looks like this

Oh well she looks like this-o

Oh well she looks like this-o


-Lyrics by Woody Guthrie
-Doll pattern courtesy of Emily
-Dolls sewn by me. I got a little carried away making them. They are very addictive.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

this house

I've often fantasized about living in this house. I've no idea if this is a single family home or broken down into apartments/condos. I just love the architecture and would love to see what it's like inside. Hopefully it is as interesting inside as it is outside. Of course, if it was modernized or something I would be so disappointed. Maybe it's better to let it be a mystery.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

tiny town etc.

tiny town

-An area close to where I live that we affectionately refer to as tiny town. It is hard to capture in a photo but, really interesting. More info.

Giant key at what once was Heaven, Hell or Hoboken


A window display from Heaven Hell or Hoboken

Frozen Monkey Cafe

Chickies- does anyone eat here? Once I got a grilled cheese. It was nothing special.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

old details

I love our condo. We have lived here 5 years. I especially love all the old details (the building is about 110 years old) in it. We have plaster medallions, molding, a pocket door, exposed brick, a pantry, beautiful built-ins, a claw foot tub... I will miss it here but, it's time to move on.

saying hello.... saying goodbye

Psss...where is she?... I don't know... I hear the whirring of the sewing machine every day..I saw her under some boxes....Oh yeah, she's moving...Oh, that explains it..

I'm still here. All is good. I've been a busy bee and have been packing, making (lots of sewing - I will not pack my machine yet) parenting...all the usual good stuff. Okay, maybe the packing is not so fun. I've been meaning to post a bunch and have even written quite a few posts in my head and then got all picky about the photos I took and wasn't sure that I liked them. Then I wasn't sure I wanted to post those things. Do you ever do this or feel this way?

For example, I embroidered The Quilting Bee on one of Scarlet's blankets but wasn't super crazy about the shot of it, then I made some onesies for the store (but I've showed those a ton before), updated my Etsy a little etc. etc. I also was gifted some great stuff like vintage aprons, patterns and a handknit sweater for Scarlet from my friend Anna but, wondered if people want to read about that. Maybe I'm just being silly...

So, what's this...saying hello..saying goodbye all about. Well, this month is all about change. A big one. This is the month I say goodbye to Hoboken where I've lived 13 years. I had my first apartment here, my 2nd apartment here where I moved in with my now husband and then we bought our current condo and had 2 kids. A lot has happened here and a lot of memories created.

So, I've had this idea in my head for a while to post photos saying goodbye to Hoboken and hello to my new town once I move which will hopefully be on April 11th. Hello, people buying our place...please confirm our closing date of April 10th...
The thing is a lot of my photos of Hoboken are down at my parents but I'm going to try and show some things I love over the next week and a half. We'll see....