Saturday, April 19, 2008

happy birthday to me

Today is my birthday.

We are having a good day and managing a little fun mixed in with some shopping and some housework.

Are the threads in the photo bothering anyone else? I sewed up some garlands a few weeks ago and I can't re-shoot or shoot anything right now. I dropped the camera 2 days ago so this is a photograph taken pre-move. I've got to get a new camera. It's already driving me crazy.

I've gotten lots of kisses from Little M and a few smiles from Scarlet so far and those are the best presents.


*karen said...

Happy birthday :o)

Mom2fur said...

Happy Birthday--a little late in the day. I hope it was a wonderful one and the fun lasts all weekend!

Amelia Plum said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wondeful day and did something to make it special. I didn't even notice the threads until you wrote about them, had to hunt for them then, so I'd say no they don't bother me. The fabric with the little boy and girl hugging is adorable, cute garland.

Christy said...

Happy happy birthday! Best wishes.

cookie said...

happy b'day!
maybe a camera for your b'day??
may your garden bring you much joy!!

amy said...

i am a little behing on reading. happy belated birthday! i hope it was wonderful. the garland is so cute (threads and all)