Saturday, April 12, 2008

mackey blue and maxwells

Mackey Blue:

My favorite store in Hoboken and I'm not just saying that because I consign my handmade there. Karen filled a gap in Hoboken for great stores that sell vintage housewares, furniture and all kinds kinds of neat old stuff (photographs, patterns, toys, aprons, cameras...)that was sadly missing. When I first moved to Hoboken and for a while there were vintage clothing stores and more antique stores then now but, almost all of them closed down. Hoboken has changed a lot over the years! It was sad for me because not only do I like to see independent stores do well. I also like to see ones that sell vintage. Thankfully, almost a year and a half ago, Mackey Blue opened shop and upon my first visit there I chatted up Karen and made a friend and a new business venture for myself. I am still excited each time I walk in to see my stuff there and also all the cool treasures Karen is always finding and bringing to the store. I also miss working there Wednesday nights as it was always a fun place to spend a few hours each week.



Many people have heard of Maxwells or if they live in the area have been here.
I have been going for around 17 years. That's a long time! I have seen so many shows here it is impossible to write them all down or even remember them. Here are a few: Robyn Hitchcock, The Lemonheads, Stereolab, Holly Go Lightly, Harvey Sid Fisher, The Lothars, Mary Timony, Quasi, Neko Case, The Moonlighters (our wedding band) Ted Leo. I could go on and on.
Like a home away from home I have spent many nights here whether it be for drinks and dinner or music. Many good times, lots of fun.


amy said...

you are making me want to visit hoboken. mackey blue sounds so wonderful!

Amelia Plum said...

maxwell's is the best place to see a musical group, so intimate and infinitely cool. love the front window of mackey blue with the M in a flower. you might be leaving hoboken but you'll still be close enough to visit it as often as you like, might be a fun train ride with little m if you can get your mom to watch scarlet.