Monday, July 30, 2007

k1 p1, p1 k1

That's the basic stitch pattern for this scarf on an even # of stitches. I used Brown Sheep yarn which is a wool and mohair mix and size 10 1/2 needles. I plan to make it very long so I'm thinking 3 skeins. I'm on my second now. The color is called Victorian Pink but, I think it looks like Black Raspberry ice cream

Cast on 28 stitches ( or an even number to get the width you like)
1st and 2nd row K1 P1... across row
3rd and 4th row P1 K1... across row
It's called moss stitch and it's just what I need right now. By that I mean a hypnotic and relaxing project.
Yesterday, I had a big blowout with my sewing machine. We are on better terms right now but, that Singer Merritt 4525 is getting old and tired. It's 17 and was a cheap model (around $100) that I received as a gift. I'm looking to upgrade and thinking about a Janome. I don't think I can afford a Bernina. I want a free arm this time and a walking foot and all the basic stuff like various stitches...some fancy ones might be nice... and of course zippers, buttonholes etc. I hope to be able to purchase something in the $300-400 range. Any suggestions?

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kate said...

If you're are looking for a good basic model with some fancies, take another look at Bernina, and check out your local sewing centers for last years models which often go for less. I made friends with my Bernina last year finally, understanding that it is a lovely machine for fine fabrics but not for denim or heavy weights.

For that a Janome might be the just the ticket, although I have a heavy weight ancient Kenmore for this purpose.

Hope this helps!