Tuesday, July 17, 2007

a new clutch (lessons learned)

This is the artsy clutch from Bend-The- Rules - Sewing.
Some lessons learned while sewing this today. The fabric I used which is lovely is too flimsy for this bag in my opinion. I would have been better off with a quilting cotton or something sturdier. I would make the bag a little bigger than called for...a few extra inches would suffice as it's a bit small in my opinion. Lastly, I would be extra careful to follow directions when doing the lining as I made a mistake here and my seams are showing on the lining.
That said, I think it's a good pattern.
It was also a welcome distraction as I'm working on a sewing project for a relative that is not exactly thrilling me at the moment


melissa said...

i love that pattern - i just got this book and am itching to make it. yours turned out cute - i like the fabric!

carrie said...

i learned some sewing lessons today, too! your clutch is great. i keep hearing about this book...maybe i should make a trip to the book store!

Amelia Plum said...

did you sew the skirt your wearing in this picture? it's very cute. like the lil clutch too.

Felicia said...

Glad you figured out how to improve it :)

sew nancy said...

Thank You!
I plan to make it again in the future at some point (soon I hope) with a sturdier fabric because even though this has the cotton flannel inside the two layers it still is so flimsy and going a little bigger I think is important too although that might be just me.

I didn't make the linen skirt pictured here but it was also handmade.