Friday, October 19, 2012

corn husk dolls

I was beyond happy to see corn husk dolls with directions in this months Martha Stewart magazine. I made my first corn husk doll in Kindergarten and it really made a huge impression on me. Honestly, it is one of two memories I have of school that year. The other involves the school fair and trying to win a goldfish that I didn't get. I got one two years later at a birthday party so no worries;)

I have always wanted to make a corn husk doll. One of my daughters friends has a birthday coming up so on our playdate the other day we tried out the dolls with our girls. They loved it so, we plan to go ahead and make them at her party in a few weeks.

I have a few boy dolls (you separate the husks to make legs) started and it's really easy to change the outfits and add embellishments. I need to find some calico because my original had yellow calico and I am sort of attached to the prairie corn husk doll concept. How about a mexican themed one? I am so getting carried away.

To make one you will first need corn husks. I got mine on Amazon but they are available at Mexican groceries as well as these are what you use to make tamales. Also, twine, glue, fabric or felt, yarn and embellishments. I used pins for eyes.

Remember if you are like me to have fun and not worry about it being perfect.

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