Sunday, September 2, 2012

ava beret

Happy September.

Today is cloudy here and the leaves are just beginning to fall. Yesterday was the opposite we went to the beach and it was a hot sunny day. We also celebrated our 11 year anniversary with a dinner date near where my parents live. It was very nice and I had the most delicious dish of butternut squash ravioli with zucchini, almonds and shaved parmesan in a light pesto cream sauce.

The kids start school Thursday. My son will be starting 1st grade and my daughter her last year of preschool. We have almost everything on the list checked off and we are all excited for the routine to begin again.

-My latest finished knit is this petite beret. The brioche stitch with a picot edge trim is really nice with great texture. The pattern is the Ava Beret and also free on the Petite Purls site.

I almost forgot..the yarn is Brooklyn Tweed Loft.


Amelia Plum said...

happy anniversary! that meal sounds scrumptious! isn't it crazy how fast time flies with your children? mine started fifth and second last week and it's like only yesterday that they were babies.

nansee said...

What a beautiful blog