Wednesday, February 27, 2013

the sky will turn blue and the flowers will bloom

Rain outside and in (the basement) and projects scattered about in the bedroom, in the attic. Tired but, so thankful for the morning alone in the house to putter about.

I finished this quilt top last night which was inspired by this one. It's made from voile, liberty cotton lawn (the prints) and muslin. I hope to finish it soon.

I've been dreaming of the garden a lot and had a really strange one the other night- I went out to start moving the soil around and add compost and there were people in all the raised beds all over my front lawn and everyone was so happy like they were at some sort of music festival all smiling, singing and chatting and like it was all so normal for them to be there. There was a kid who had found a large hallowed out tomato that survived winter and was wearing it around as a hat. I started to become agitated as the people started digging in the dirt like you would do in the sand to make a seat because they were going to upset the bulbs and seeds from the fall. I woke up and wondered what it all meant. Maybe it's because one of the prints in here is of vegetables that appear to be dancing..... Who knows...

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Amelia Plum said...

love the quilt top, such gorgeous fabrics in there, and the name of your post, sort of like a sunnier version of 'there will be blood'. xox