Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I finished the dress which is really a tunic. I actually like it as a tunic better then I think I would have as a dress and with shorts underneath it will be great this summer. The straps need to be shortened a little bit though. I made a few modifications to the pattern which is only written up to a size 2. They are on my Ravelry page.

She is a good sport trying on summer clothes on a winter day. The straps do lie flat....I just didn't notice they were twisted when we took the photos because I was rushing.
She earned a cookie for this photo shoot.

On another note, Blogger's format of uploading shifted and I'm having trouble putting photos in order and getting them the right size. Anyone else?

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Joanna said...

very sweet! You must knit and sew like the wind to get through so many projects!
I have problems with blogger photos on my tablet but not on my laptop. I've heared the same from a few other bloggers and it seems to be a machine-blogger interface thing.:)
Good luck.