Sunday, April 7, 2013

blue cardigan

Last week I finished up a blue cardigan that I began in January 2012. I knit about 80% of it then but, abandoned it. I decided since I was stuck with a cold I needed a project that I could feel really good about and what is better then finishing off something that has sat around for too long.

The yarn is really soft and if I remember correctly it's a Debbie Bliss. The color is so pretty on her. The pattern is Mini Manu by Kate Davies and she is such an amazing knitter.

I think the reason I left off where I did is that some of my yarn got completely tangled (couldn't even locate it last week) and I knew I wouldn't have enough to properly finish it. I decided to make the collar and button band much smaller with only two rows of garter and I had to leave off the pockets. I think my short rows look a bit funny and I am hoping with another blocking the pleats show up a little better. I used some vintage buttons from a button company card that are the same but, a bit different in shade since they were samples. Since it was over a year ago that I started It's a size 4.

Perhaps if I am really lucky she will wear it this Spring and I will cross my fingers that it will fit next year.

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melissa said...

oh- this is so beautiful. i aspire to be able to knit like you.