Monday, October 27, 2008

la patisserie est un jeu d'enfants

I haven't blogged about a book in a long time.
This one (Making French Desserts and pastry is child's play) is one of my most cherished books and a really nice cookbook with amazing illustrations.
Each recipe is written in French and on the next page there is the English translation which is wonderful because although I would really love to speak and read French I don't other then a few phrases and words.

I made the madelines for Christmas last year and they were very good.

The copyright on this book is 1966. I'd love to get more from this series.
My friend, Carolyn also has one of these cookbooks. Carolyn, which one do you have?

It also comes with a measuring cup which you cut, fold and paste because a standard French measuring cup is 7 oz and so it is very important for the success of your recipes

Here are some of the recipes:

Pastry Cream for Cream Puffs
-I'm mentioning this for you Seattle girls who are writing about those cream puffs...

Giant Brioches
-sounds good to me

Chocolate Truffles
-I was introduced to these in middle school. My life has never been the same.

Make them, add to them or not. Good any time of the day


Carolyn said...

Hey lady, I have La cuisine et un jeu d'enfants (Cooking is child's play).
You've inspired me to take it off the shelf and cook something!

kristi said...

what a cool book. i love the colors and drawings.

Stephanie said...

My daughter just received La Cuisine est un jeu d'enfants from her grandmother for her birthday. Her grandmother picked it up at a flea market outside Paris. It's a 1963 version. I can't wait to delve into it with her and your post about the Patisserie version makes me want to procure this as well. Thanks!