Friday, October 3, 2008

a day at the orchard

Today was wonderful.
All four of us went to an apple orchard.
Apple trees are beautiful.
I love them so very much.

I can't wait to bake them and make them all sorts of ways.
*Home made applesauce
*Apple pies with sour cream or raspberries
*Apple cinnamon toast
* Apples sliced with a good cheddar makes a nice lunch.

I'd like to try this which was suggested by Abby.
I think I've got a good cake recipe somewhere that I made last year that had apples.
There are so many good ways to eat them.

How about bobbing for apples on Halloween? We just may do that if we have any left. We got 23 lbs. of apples so I think there is a good chance.


Admin Hunt said...
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kristi said...

oh i remember visiting an apple orchard. i have so many fun pics of times spent there when we lived in boston. no such luck here in tampa though. :(

these are great pics of your family! and 23 pounds...what a harvest!

amy said...

such cute photos!