Thursday, October 23, 2008

front hallway

I haven't show any photos of our home in some time.

Here is a corner I am especially pleased with. I bought the printers tray several months ago and have been adding miniatures and trinkets here and there. I love that I can easily swap out items to change my display when the mood strikes.

The table I picked up this past weekend. It is a vintage manicurist's table from the Art Deco era and I absolutely adore it. It is on wheels so if you like you can come over and we can do each others nails. I am partly kidding but, that would be sort of fun I think. Maybe we can put our hair in curlers too.

And, here is a closer up view of some of the miniatures I have on display right now.

I am looking forward to placing my big bowl of Halloween candy on the table next Friday. Hopefully we get a lot of trick or treaters because I've got 3 bags of chocolate miniatures of different varieties here.

I've been training the boy to say: " I like raisins and my Mommy likes dark chocolate." Somehow, I doubt too many people hand out dark chocolate.

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melissa said...

where did you get your printer's tray? i've been scoping them out on ebay and etsy, but i really like how yours has a lot of larger squares...most of the ones i've seen have all been uniformly small. my knick knacks are taking over my house though, so i need to find something!