Thursday, October 9, 2008

quilt top done

I finished sewing the quilt top for Mr. Crazy. I mean Little M. I'm waiting for the batting via the UPS man (it came today) so I can put it together.

It is the Easy Lap Quilt from Bend-The-Rules. Yes, I like this book.

I picked fabrics that would work in my boy's room and that I thought he would like and of course they had to meet my approval.

His favorite color is blue so I put that in there. It's the one with the French Flags and for me it represents two of his favorite books - The Red Balloon and Anatole.

The train fabric is perfect for a boy and represents his love for all things that GO.

The brown and white alphabet is great for a kid and it will be fun for him to find the letters

The solids- red, yellow and gray worked with the fabrics. Plus, my favorite color is red and his middle name is gray and yellow well I don't have a reason for the yellow but, I like it with the others.

This will be for his birthday and I've got a little over a month to go. Do you think I can finish it? I hope so. I'm nervous about quilting it without a walking foot to aid me. I might just order one. We'll see.

It's a surprise so hopefully he won't see it in the attic. I've got to remember to keep hiding it because he likes to come up here a lot and pretend sew and stuff. I wonder why....


Amelia Plum said...

LOVE!!! I so want to do a quilt but finding that time can be tricky, unless I start an IV of caffeine & meth. I don't know how you're able to manage all these projects!

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