Monday, January 7, 2013

baby moccasins

These baby Moccasins are adorable and though I have made many baby socks over the years I still enjoy trying out new patterns. I think these are so sweet. The pattern is by the Purl Bee and I've always wanted to knit them. I am happy to finally have an excuse to. No, I am not having a baby.

I used only yarn I already had and first tried them out in the grey and white. I like them but the natural Icelandic wool (white) was thick and thin and not dense enough for my liking so I knit them again in a style more close to the original. For the grey and white I used a duplicate stitch similar to one I saw on Ravelry by thestorygirl and on the tan and white I followed the Purl Bee's instructions and these are my favorite of the two.

There are other styles I love for knitted baby socks. One is my booties in cotton that tie with a ribbon, Mary Janes and the famous crossover Saartje's booties. There is another one I saw too I want to try that goes up higher on the leg.

I really do love knitting for babies.

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jen said...

Oh my gosh, those are so cute!!! I love the colors you chose. I want grown-up ones.