Saturday, January 26, 2013

smock top

An art smock with a big pocket was made for S this week. I was going to save it for her birthday but, then how could I try it on her.

I used a medium weight cotton/linen and some Heather Ross fabric for the pocket which has a seam down the middle to separate whatever she might want to put in there- tiny toys, paint brushes and crayons...

My two regrets are that I didn't size up because it is a bit smaller then I would have liked in the chest and shoulders though she is wearing two shirts here. Also, that I didn't cut the fabric high enough on top to allow for a seam allowance without chopping off Rapunzel's head so I zigzag stitched the top instead of decapitating her. It's easy enough to make so I will make her another in a size up when she grows out of it if I find it gets enough use.

The pattern is from Carefree Clothes for Girls.

If my Mom made me stand on furniture when I was a kid I might have been scared too;)

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