Wednesday, October 12, 2011

alpaca silk mitts

Camp Out Fingerless Mitts in Old Maiden Aunt 80% Alpaca 20% silk in a special limited edition color - Ysolda.

I have had this yarn for so long sitting in the basket. I figure if it is so nice to the touch why not keep it that way and utilize it to keep my hands warm as the cool weather is now approaching.

The green is so beautiful. I imagine holding a a douglas fir branch standing in the snow knee deep with fairy lights twinkling. Yes, I like to romanticize situations in which I wear an item of clothing and then the simple becomes a story.

This is a nice pattern and easily completed over a day or two and the best part I have enough yarn to make something else perhaps a hat or another pair of mitts for someone else. Now to blocking and sewing in those ends I hid so they are all pretty and ready to go.


jen said...

oh, i'm totally making these (just downloaded the pattern). i love that green too.

i like your romanticized clothing situations. fairy lights would be perfect! :)

jenn said...

Love that green! So ethereal and perfectly pale. I can absolutely envision your imaginary clothing scenario! Dreamy! I love your dress, too!

melissa said...

they're just gorgeous!!
i also love little s' cashmere dress. you are so clever!