Friday, October 14, 2011

reclaimed cashmere tunic dress

This dress started out as in ill fitting sweater that was given to me. It is such a soft and fluffy cashmere but there was no way to make it look good on me. The arm holes were too big and it was too short and overall unflattering so I decided to turn it into a dress for my girl. It was very easy and fun to do and took me about an hour to make one morning this week. I first cut off the sleeves. I measured the width and decided how much to take it in for the sides. I then straight stitched and serged the sides. I decided to make the little tucks at the collar to give it a bit of a design. I left the bottom as is. I then made a small hem at the armholes and collar. And, then added a little pocket on one side perhaps for carrying around a lollipop or other small treasure. I absolutely loved making this and now am excited to try out more designs with cashmere.


Dacia said...

this is so super cute! she's such a doll.

jenn said...

what a great idea! She looks adorable in it, of course! ;)