Friday, February 12, 2010

puppet show dress

Sometime early in January I had taken some of my fabrics down to pre-wash. Scarlet saw this fabric, took it from me and hugged it. So, planning on making her a puppet show tunic or dress I decided I would use this fabric since it was love at first sight.
I decided to go with the dress length and it turned out really nice. It will be wonderful this spring and summer.

I used 'candy buttons' all down the back and little pink ones at the sleeves. The candy buttons I've been hoarding for a while and are from Superbuzzy.

I also made another pair of the puppet shorts in red and plan to make a few more as well a tunic to match them. The first pair of shorts I made last year to be worn this summer.

I've said before how much I like Liesl's patterns and I continue to stand by them. They are creative and fun to make. Recently, she posted a discussion on using prints like these (juvenile prints) and when they work. She included one of my dresses in this discussion which was nice to see.

-Another little girl pattern catching my eye is here. I think a top in a nice summer print for View B would look really sweet. Perhaps a gingham.

Have a nice weekend.


Fine Little Day said...

O Scarlet, you look so good in this lovely dress. Love the multi colored buttons on the back.

Amelia Plum said...

that dress is adorable. the fabric is so sweet and the candy buttons really make the outfit. plus you have such an adorable model.

melissa said...

wow- that's one gorgeous dress. i love the candy buttons!
i'm very tempted to buy some of those patterns after seeing what you've made.

kristi said...

ms s. is one lucky little lady to have a momma as sweet as you!