Monday, November 24, 2008

inventory weekend

good morning
how was your weekend?

ours was up and down but, mostly up. friday night i did a little knitting and watched a movie - the first time i have sat down all year to watch one! it only took 11 months-ha! we watched 'lars and the real girl' which i thought was a really cute movie. saturday, we went to lunch with the kids and i worked on some inventory and then we were off to hoboken to drop some items at mackey blue and visit my coffee girls. sunday, the boys did yard work and i worked on some inventory for perch home with a quick outing for some drinking chocolate. there also was a touch of sickness and teething unfortunately but, all seems well today so far.

i had intended a little sewing on a dress but got sidetracked to inventory and completed 3 smocks, onesies & some button bobbies which is always something one needs to keep up with so i'm happy with the result. oh, and i also got a little more work done on that little gift i'm making for the baby which involves flannel, felt and embroidery.


Amelia Plum said...

love the bobby in the middle row, second from top. hope that things are going well with your sales at perch. i thought lars and the real girl was cute too. ryan gosling is an incredible actor - you should see him in 'the believer' it'll blow you away.

kristi said...

i really really LOVED that movie! and your crafty things are cute.